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Looking for unique eco-friendly and educational toys for your tots? Then check out Rosie Hippo, a super cool mom-owned retailer of everything from toys and games to furniture and decor that are planet-friendly! Rosie, the mascot, is pretty special herself! Filled with lavender, Rosie can be gently microwaved for soothing your little one to sleep with the aromatherapeutic scent. Stop on by to visit Rosie and her collection of fantastic items that are meant to inspire creativity and spark imaginative play!

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What’s not to love about this adorable, plush character named Yew Yew, part of the Greenzys family? Eco-friendly toy? Check! Plant a tree in your honor after purchase? Check! Super cuddly soft for extra cuddles at bedtime? Check!

Tiny Green Mom is infatuated with Greenzys, stuffed animals that are made from soy fibers and non-toxic dyes. Not just a toy, these cute stuffed animals are on a mission to teach children how to care for their beloved planet Earth! Think Care Bears, but for a new, global generation. Each animal is passionate about their pocket of the world, and enjoy sharing their knowledge and wisdom with others.

Adopt a Greenzys character today with your child and have a tree planted in their honor in time for Earth Day!

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Play along with the band using Sevi’s eco-friendly wooden musical instrument, the Guiro, sure to delight any child as it is shaken to the beat! The Guiro is a simple percussion instrument typically found in Latin American music that is usually made from gourds. To play, simply run the accompanying wooden stick along the Guiro at different speeds to create a unique sound. The Guiro is made of hard wood and painted with non-toxic, food-grade paints. Purchase it online at

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