Environmentally-Friendly Cars For Moms

Few options exist for environmentally conscious moms who also need room for their children, groceries, and other luggage. A common solution to these space issues, after acquiring some cash for used cars with less space, has been purchasing a minivan. Typically a gas-guzzler given its size, the minivan also has the potential to carpool seven or eight people who potentially would have been driving their own cars. Eight cars averaging 24 miles per gallon will in actuality get about 4 miles per gallon collectively, carrying everyone individually. Though minivans themselves are not the most economical of options, their ability to take other cars off the road gives it potential as an eco-friendly commuter option.

But for those who are not consistently shuttling around other people who have their own cars, there are some other options for a spacious car that’s easy on fuel consumption. The Cadillac Escalade hybrid is stylish and offers the hauling capacity, safety, and bold aesthetics of a standard Escalade with and average between 25 and 30 highway mpg’s. Many of these models have 3rd row seating and a variety of entertainment options like XM radio, sound systems, and multiple DVD players to occupy the kids. Hybrid SUV’s offer minivan seating capacity and entertainment for children with reduced emissions.

For those who do not have a lot of children or a need to carry more than five people and a reasonable amount of groceries at any given time, even more economical vehicles are in production that could cut harmful gas emissions completely. The Ford Fusion Electric and Nissan Leaf are completely electric-powered and are on the horizon for production. Fun styling cues and zero emissions technology make these cars an attractive prospect for moms and kids. Current hybrid sedans like the Prius and Civic hybrid offer outstanding fuel consumption ranging from 40 to 70 miles per gallon. With plenty of trunk space and enough seating for the average family or friends from soccer practice, hybrid sedans and the upcoming all-electric Focus and Leaf could cut down on or completely do away with trips to the pump as well as harmful emissions.

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