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If you focus on being the best you can be,

When you look in the mirror, you’ll like what you see.

Peer deep inside, and find the true you,

The other stuff’s easy-peasy to do.

We’re each made different, and what makes us unique,

Are our very own dreams, how we love, think and speak.

It’s what makes us special and helps us learn,

So embrace who you are. Now it’s your turn.

When you’ve had a hard day and can’t find your smile,

Remember, once in a while, we’re all crocodiles.

Believe in your heart you’re the very best you,

And you’ll be successful in all that you do.

This feel-good story written by Claire Gutschow, of Fei’d Skin Care (what can’t she do!?), and Sarah Spatz, is a great tool when teaching little ones about self-esteem! It is a gentle reminder that we are all unique and special, just the way we are. So celebrate your “you-ness” – whatever that may be!

Claire Gutschow’s skin care company, Meld Labs, is funding and publishing the distribution of this book to children’s organizations in 3rd world countries. Meld Labs is committed to building self-confidence in kids in need, and doing so with humor and a story that we can all see an aspect of ourselves in at times. Claire invites you to read this story with your own children, and tell them again that you love them just the way they are!

To order a copy of this delightful children’s tale, click here.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this review.*

Mom” was recently introduced to Fei’d™, a new skin care line that is revolutionizing the skin care industry! Combining both Eastern Medicine & Western Science, Fei’d™ (pronounced “fade”) uses active botanicals rather than harsh chemicals to treat uneven skin tone, hyper pigmentation, and other skin imbalances by rebalancing the skin function as a whole.

Why use Fei’d™ Skin Care?

99% Natural
10 clinically proven key ingredients
Certified by the Natural Products Association
All natural fragrances
No harsh bleaches
No hydroquinone
No kojic acid
No mineral oil
Paraben free

According to Fei’d™ Skin Care, in traditional Eastern medicine, uneven skin tone is believed to be caused by a lack of qi (pronounced (“chi”) circulation to the skin. To treat uneven skin tone, traditional healers therefore actively target the meridians that govern the function of the skin. Namely the Lung (Fei), Spleen (Pi) and Liver (Gan) meridians, which regulate energy flow to and from the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.

Mom” has been in the sun quite a bit in her life, and has significant sun damage, so she was excited to try this new product! It glides on easily, like moisturizer, and just one pump of the dispenser was enough to cover her face, neck, and hands – all three areas that show the signs of sagging, aging, and wrinkles as people age. Fei’d™ does not tingle or burn, as some products for treating hyperpigmentation that are more chemical-laden do when placed on the skin, and “Mom” has already noticed a brightening effect on her skin, especially on the backs of her hands!

For postpartum mamas, Fei’d™ may also help to treat the dark melasma that can occur during and after pregnancy. It was these same dark spots that prompted Claire Gutschow, founder of Fei’d™ Skin Care, to develop the unique formulation using both Eastern Medicine and Western Science. To learn more about Claire, check out the interview with this eco-conscious entrepreneur.

If you are interested in trying out Fei’d™ on your own skin, you can enter the Fei’d™ Skin Care Giveaway on Tiny Green Mom through May 25th, 2011!

To learn more about Fei’d™ Skin Care, or to order online, visit

*Company generously provided samples and images for this review.*

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Ladies (and gents, too!) – let all of your skin troubles just Fei’d away… Enter to win an incredible new skin care product that will literally fade away your melasma, lighten and brighten your skin – naturally! Certifed by the Natural Products Association, Feid Skin Care features 10 clinically proven ingredients to target the appearance of sagging, wrinkled and aging skin. From May 16th – May 25th, you can enter to win daily on Tiny Green Mom!

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We have to admit, we were just so impressed by Claire Gutschow, the classy entrepreneur behind Fie’d Skin Care, an eco-fabulous company that is sweeping the nation! Her commitment to the earth, her passion for naturally beautiful skin, and her desire to make a difference – wow, what a combination! “Mom” had the distinct pleasure of asking Claire a few questions about her up and coming skin care line, which was recently launched in 2010. For more information about Fie’d, please visit (PS Claire, please share that homemade lemon meringue pie recipe! Yum!)
An Interview with Claire Gutschow, Founder of Fei’d Skin Care
Tell us about your eco-inspired company!
I’m from South Africa, and I spent my whole life in the sun. So I have dark marks all over my face. Being pregnant with my son didn’t help matters – I was one big blotch with no pregnancy glow in sight! I tried loads of products, but nothing worked. Since I’d worked in the skin care industry in my “past life” (i.e. pre-kids), I knew I could make a better product than all the ones I’d tried. I was still in touch with a couple of the best formulators in the world, so I was super-lucky. It also helped that my husband is a traditional Chinese healer. He knows some of the most respected traditional Chinese herbalists in the US. So once I’d found the right people, it was just a matter of getting them to work together. (Which was a lot easier than I thought – easier than managing a toddler play-date and WAY easier than coordinating a block party.) Not that I’ve ever coordinated anything as complicated as a block party. In fact, I have yet to discover domestication of any kind. I can work a microwave though. Does that count?

How do you choose to go green in your own life?

For years I followed the experts’ advice and tried to be “perfectly” green. But their suggestions were often way too complicated. So these days I just try and use common sense. We recycle. We buy used clothing for my son (they grow out of everything so quickly anyway). We avoid plastic bags like the plague and we try to buy local when we can. And we walk instead of drive wherever possible – it helps the planet and it tires out my son so it’s a win/win scenario!

And of course, Fei’d is as green as we could possibly make it. We do no animal testing, ever. Fei’d is 99% natural, certified by the Natural Products Association, biodegradable, and sourced from renewable resources. Our carton is 100% recycled, FSC certified, made with 100% renewable energy, Green Seal Certified and processed chlorine-free.
Guilty green pleasure?
Homemade lemon meringue pie made from the lemons in our garden. Although I have to be honest, I don’t feel TOO guilty. The way I see it, it’s a great way to get my daily allowance of vitamin C!
Can you offer any encouraging words for those with a small sustainable business?
Be prepared to pay more for EVERYTHING when you make the commitment to be green. I couldn’t believe the cost of our cartons the first time I received the quote! Recycled board is just so much more expensive. But I have to have faith that it’s worth it. In my mind, it’s a karma thing. I want to look back at my life when I’m old and believe that I made a difference. Even if it has affected my “bottom line”!
*Image provided by Fei’d.*