Move over orange juice! The superfruits are here to liven up your morning! Genesis Today is bringing health to the masses by offering their Superfruit juices at Walmart and Sam’s Club, which are available in 3 antioxidant-rich flavors: Acai Berry, Cranberry Goji, and Pomegranate & Berries with Resveratrol. “Mom’s” favorite? The Cranberry Goji! It is cranberry juice with an added health boost!

“There is a shift in tide currently under way in the beverage market. This new beverage trend is all about the ‘halo of health’ around beverages with purpose – juices created with more antioxidants and vitamins than ever before and made with unique fruits and natural compounds like Acai, Goji berry and Resveratrol,” according to Dr. Lindsey Duncan, Founder & CEO of Genesis Today.

Dr. Lindsey Duncan is a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Nutritionist, who has been a trusted leader in the natural health products industry since 1983. After leading a successful nutrition practice in Santa Monica and logging over 40,000 hours of clinical experience, Dr. Lindsey wanted to do more. Dr. Lindsey has brought the superior, customized nutrition he had given his celebrity clients to everyone in America because he believes that no matter what your financial situation or your exercise routine, you deserve to be healthier, now.

In addition to the juices, Genesis Today also offers a variety of healthy snacks such as Dark Chocolate Cacao Pudding (yes, there is such a thing as healthy pudding!) and Super Chews. Why wait for the New Year to start taking better care of yourself?

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Genesis Today will choose one lucky Grand Prize winner to receive the “Ask Dr. Lindsey – Prize Pack.” This will include a personal health consultation from Dr. Lindsey Duncan himself suited to your specific health and nutritional needs and will include a three (3) month supply of Genesis Today products – a $600 value. Second Place will receive a three (3) month supply of Genesis Today Superfruit juices, and 25 Runners up will receive a free bottle of Genesis Today Superfruit juices.

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Want the benefits known to be found in red wine without the headache? Genesis Today has recently introduced Resveratrol Juice, featuring a juice blend of that will certainly tantalize the taste buds! With 50 mg of Resveratrol in an 8 oz. glass of juice, that is 60 – 70% times more antioxidants than a glass of red wine! This delicious juice sure puts a pep in your step, so to speak!

Available in 2 sizes (10 oz. and 64 oz.) – this juice will have the whole family clamoring for more. For more information or to find a retailer near you, visit their website.

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What will they think of next!? New from Genesis Today – HEALTHY pudding! Here’s an awesome way to pack in your antioxidants, calcium, fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals using a tried and true vehicle – chocolate pudding! At just 100 calories, this is one snack or dessert you can actually feel good about eating, not guilty! This delicious single-serving size cup of dark chocolate pudding is made with real cacao, and is not artificially sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. The next time you need a quick mood lifter or are having a chocolate attack, make sure to have some of these little snack packs around. For more information on the benefits of Dark Chocolate Cacao pudding or to find a retailer near you, visit their website.

*Company provided a sample, images and information for this review.*