Straight from the farm, this Grilled Herb Turkey is one of Michele Payn-Knoper’s family recipes for the Thanksgiving holiday!

Grilled Herb Turkey


1 Turkey (about 1 lb./person)
Fresh herbs (rosemary, basil, thyme and oregano recommended)
Garlic cloves, peeled (to taste)
1 Onion, peeled
Large sheet of foil


Place washed, thawed turkey on foil large enough to fully wrap bird (this sometimes requires seaming two pieces of foil together). Wash herbs and place in cavities (stems on are O.K.), reserving 2 stems of rosemary. Cube onion and add to both cavities. Score bird with small paring knife and insert garlic cloves. Add remaining one rosemary stem on each side of the bird. Sprinkle with kosher salt and pepper to taste. Wrap foil around bird completely, sealing edges. Place on 350 degree grill for 3-4 hours for 12 lb.+ bird, 2.5-3 hours for less than that (typically about 3/4 of oven time). Open foil towards end of baking time for a more golden bird. Allow to sit for 15 minutes when removed from grill. Remove foil and herbs. Carve and enjoy!

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