Melissa Rojas is Certified Medical Assistant and a Certified Lactation Counselor working at a pediatric primary care office in Takoma Park, Maryland. She offers practical tips and suggestions as the new mother prepares to breastfeed her newborn infant. A BIG thanks to Melissa for providing such detailed tips for this article!

10 Steps to Simple Breastfeeding

By Melissa Rojas, CMA, CLC

1. Nurse often.

  • Feed my baby ON DEMAND.
  • Feed my baby every time she/he:

+ puts hands in mouth

+ turns head to the side and opens mouth

+ makes lots of eye movements while sleeping

  • Keep my baby close to me.

2. Get help.

  • Get help from a professional, (someone who has breastfed exclusively).
  • Make sure my doctors can inform me about breast milk and breastfeeding.

3. Enjoy my baby.

  • Spend time with my baby. SKIN to SKIN.
  • Politely ask friends and family to help with errands and housework.
  • Rest whenever possible.
  • Keep my baby close.
  • If I need a break, pump then take a break.

4. I have confidence in MYSELF and my milk.

  • My early milk IS enough.
  • I do not need to give my baby any artificial milk.
  • Keep my baby close.
  • Rest whenever possible.
  • I CAN do this! I CAN give my baby the best!

5. Tell the nurses at the hospital.

  • “I am going to breastfeed.”
  • “I want to keep my baby SKIN to SKIN until my baby latches on.”

6. Talk to breastfeeding moms.

  • Talk to moms who only breastfeed.
  • Ask questions.
  • Go to next La Leche Leaque Meeting: ______________ Call (301) 589-8675 for more information.
  • Check if my hospital/birth center has breastfeeding clinics.

7. Make friends with my breasts.

  • My breasts are a part of my body and were made to feed babies.
  • I should not be ashamed to feed my baby in public.
  • Wear comfortable bras and clothes.

8. Buy a good pump.

  • What pump is best for me?
  • How many hours will I be working?
  • How often will I use it?
  • Start pumping and storing 2-3 weeks before I go back to work. (Never pump while pregnant.)

9. Tell everyone I am going to breastfeed.

  • Tell my family and friends.
  • Tell my babysitter and my job.
  • Tell my OB and my baby’s pediatrician.
  • Let them know, “I am going to feed my baby.”

10. Make a plan.

  • Why do I want to breastfeed?
  • What is exclusive breastfeeding?
  • How long should I breastfeed? How long do I want to breastfeed?

In addition, Melissa Rojas also recommends the following as a basic starter kit for breastfeeding:

Baby wearing gear (sling, etc.)

Comfortable and ergonomic nursing bra

Breast pads

Dual electric daily-use breast pump (if you are returning to work for > 30hrs/week)

Nursing tanks (to be able to wear your regular clothes over and not expose your tummy)

A good support network (friends and family that are aware and support your commitment to breastfeeding, this means you must tell them before the baby is born)

A breastfeeding knowledgeable OB/pediatrician