Mother’s Day is almost upon us, and “Mom” at Tiny Green Mom has compiled her eco-friendly favorites to give to the expectant or new mother!

Chewbeads 1

Chewbeads Safe Teething Jewelry

Stylish and chic, Chewbeads were created especially for moms with teething, chewing, and tugging babies! Chewbeads are a necessity for every new mom, as each gorgeous necklace and bracelet is made of 100% silicone and is completely chemical-free, heat-resistant, and safe for babies. With a huge selection of brilliant colors and styles to choose from, Chewbeads make an excellent gift for the expectant or postpartum mom! “Mom” loves that Chewbeads are dishwasher-safe, as after a day of little mouths chewing on them, sanitizing your necklace or bracelet can be done easily! Plus, Chewbeads do not contain BPA, phthlates, lead, cadmium or metal.

Milkmakers 1

Milkmakers Lactation Teas & Lactation Cookies

Breastfeeding moms will appreciate the new Milkmakers Lactation Tea as a gift this Mother’s Day! Available in two delicious flavors, Coconut and Original, Milkmakers Lactation Tea is made with a unique, all-natural tea blend that does not contain fenugreek, a common ingredient in other lactation teas that can produce an unpleasant taste and unwanted side effects. Also unlike other lactation teas that require as many as eight cups per day – with new Milkmakers Lactation Teas only one to two cups per day are needed to achieve results! The new Milkmakers Lactation Tea joins the line of Milkmakers Lactation Cookies, convenient, nutritious and delicious cookies made with oats, brewer’s yeast, and flax seed – traditional remedies used to support breastfeeding moms. “Mom” is a huge fan of the lactation cookies – both the cookies and the tea paired together make the ultimate Mother’s Day gift!

Belly Armor

Belly Armor

The expectant or postpartum mom will appreciate a gift from Belly Armor, which offers apparel and accessories that shield everyday radiation with 99.9% effectiveness! “Mom” had the opportunity to try the Belly Blanket, which is the perfect choice for a mom who works from home on her laptop and uses her cell phone frequently! Soft, cozy and the ideal size, the Belly Blanket was made with the reliable protection of RadiaShield® Fabric. The Belly Blanket is a convenient and unobtrusive way to protect your child within against the risks of everyday radiation. Easily portable in your handbag, this maternity blanket is ideal for both the home and the office. It is available in three stylish color choices.

Simply Gum

Simply Gum

Moms today are opting for more natural, organic choices in all aspects of their lives, and now gum can be a part of that choice! Simply Gum is a line of all-natural, biodegradable chewing gum! Not only do the all-natural ingredients make it better for Mom’s body than the average gum, but it is also better for the environment. Simply Gum is free from any artificial ingredients, including plastic, and with a variety of flavors such as mint, cinnamon (“Mom’s” favorite!), fennel licorice, maple, ginger, and coffee, you are sure to find one that will delight Mom’s tastebuds.

Keep Calm and Color On Book

Keep Calm and Color On Adult Coloring Book

The expectant mom will love to color her stress away in this personalized coloring book where beautiful coloring pages are peppered with inspiring quotes to calm the mind and lift the spirits. A great personalized gift for Mother’s Day, each copy of Keep Calm and Color On is personalized with mom’s name on the front and back cover, a special dedication page, and a coloring page where mom’s name is a part of the illustration.

Bravado dream-tank-lifestyle-1-cropped

Dream Nursing Tank from Bravado

Expectant and new moms will appreciate a comfortable tank that takes them through pregnancy into nursing their little one! Perfect for wearing at home or on-the-go, the new Dream Nursing Tank is the ultimate ‘nursing bra and tank in one,’ providing coverage and support. “Mom” has used nursing bras from Bravado Designs when breastfeeding all three of her children, and was eager to check out their newest offering! The Dream Nursing Tank is just that, a dream for all nursing mommas! Outfitted with every detail to help moms feel comfortable and stylish, the hip-length tank is made of double layer cotton and provides full support for the expectant and postpartum mom’s ever-changing breasts. It can be worn alone or layered underneath another top. The best part? The tank features full drop away bra cups that provide maximum skin-to-skin contact with your baby that is so important for bonding! #supportherdream

Wally's Natural Organic Body Oil

Wally’s Natural Organic Body Oil

The expectant or postpartum mom will love this luxurious organic body oil that keeps skin hydrated and naturally radiant! Made with Sesame Seed Oil and Essential Oils, the Organic Body Oil is “Mom’s” new favorite to apply after her little one was born! It is applied easily with a large roller ball so that it is mess-free! Wally’s Natural provides eco-friendly, high quality personal care products with a wholeheartedly green approach. The company honors nature through solar-powered facilities, green manufacturing, 100% recyclable packaging and sourcing that supports organic agriculture. The eco-friendly line also includes Ear Candles, Organic Ear Oil, and Organic Aromatherapy Blends.

*Companies generously provided samples and images for this piece. All opinions expressed are my own.*

Lemon Chia FizzIt’s the perfect drink to serve at a brunch for your mother, with chia seeds as a garnish and bubbling with Blackberry Hibiscus Mamma Chia drink!

Lemon Chia Fizz


3 lemon wedges
3/4 ounces simple syrup
2 ounces Meyer Lemon Sake
Louis Roederer Champagne
Mamma Chia, blackberry hibiscus flavor
Chia seeds for garnish

Muddle three lemon wedges, add Lemon Sake, shake and strain into champagne glass.

Add Mamma Chia blackberry hibiscus, then top with champagne and splash of Chambord. Garnish with chia seeds and serve in a champagne glass.

Serves 1.

*Recipe and image courtesy of Mamma Chia.*

Mother & DaughterTen Thank-Yous Your Mother Should Hear

Nothing makes mothers happier than to know that they’ve raised fulfilled, healthy, successful, and self-aware kids. On Mother’s Day, let your mom know exactly what she did to turn you into the adult you are today and how her influence still shapes your life. Be specific!

From Todd Patkin, here are ten suggestions to get you started.
• First and foremost, thank you for always telling me how proud you were of me and pointing out all of the ways in which I was (and am!) special. Because of you, I know how important it is to love yourself.
• Thank you for insisting that I always be on time. I may have dragged my feet a lot as a kid, but now I know that punctuality shows respect for other people.
• Thank you for showing me how to conduct a civil disagreement with others. While I don’t enjoy confrontation, I am comfortable sharing and defending my views.
• Thank you for being a stickler about completing chores. I may never love to vacuum and do laundry, but I know how to keep myself and my house clean.
• Thank you for teaching me that people do judge a book by its cover. I may not always be a walking fashion plate, but I do take pride in my appearance. And I know to iron my shirt and pants before important occasions!
• Thank you for forcing me to eat asparagus and Brussels sprouts when all I wanted was chicken fingers and potato chips. Now I’m a healthy eater who loves the produce aisle!
• Thank you for encouraging me to keep trying and practicing after I was cut from the soccer team. You taught me how to be determined and resilient, and that persistence usually pays off. (I made the team the following year!)
• Thank you for teaching me how to be polite and courteous to everyone I meet. I have gotten to know so many interesting people because I simply smiled and said hello!
• Thank you for reading bedtime stories to me for years. You introduced me to so many new ideas, and you helped to make me a creative and imaginative person.
• Thank you for drilling me on my spelling words before my quiz each week. You taught me how valuable it is to put your best effort into whatever job you happen to be doing. You were right when you told me that careful preparation usually helps you to get results you can be proud of!
About the Author

Todd Patkin, author of Finding Happiness: One Man’s Quest to Beat Depression and Anxiety and—Finally—Let the Sunshine In, Twelve Weeks to Finding Happiness: Boot Camp for Building Happier People, and The Sunny Days Secret: A Guide for Finding Happiness (coming 2014), grew up in Needham, Massachusetts. After graduating from Tufts University, he joined the family business and spent the next eighteen years helping to grow it to new heights. After it was purchased by Advance Auto Parts in 2005, he was free to focus on his main passions: philanthropy and giving back to the community, spending time with family and friends, and helping more people learn how to be happy. Todd lives with his wonderful wife, Yadira, their amazing son, Josh, and two great dogs, Tucker and Hunter.
About the Books

Finding Happiness: One Man’s Quest to Beat Depression and Anxiety and—Finally—Let the Sunshine In (StepWise Press, 2011, ISBN: 978-0-9658261-9-8, $19.95) is available at bookstores nationwide, from major online booksellers, and at

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Marvelous Mom

Memorable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your One-of-a-Kind Mom

By Sherry Richert Belul

As children, many of us took the love and care we received for granted. It was just expected that our moms would feed us, protect us, do our laundry, and listen to our woes. We may not have thought twice about how many times mom put her own needs second so she could focus on her kids’ needs. We may even have felt disappointed or deprived in our childhoods. But as adults, we have an opportunity to appreciate our moms for everything they’ve been to us. We can step back and get it that our moms have poured so much of themselves into helping us develop into the people we are now.

One of the best ways to show your appreciation for everything your mom had done for you, is to give her gifts that are unique and personal. How about if this Mother’s Day you give back to your mom something she’s given freely to you for years and years — time, attention, and unconditional love!

1. Make a List

One of the best gifts you can give your mom is a list of reasons why you love her. It doesn’t cost a dime, but will be one of the most priceless gifts she’ll ever receive! All you need to do is set aside a half hour or an hour in a quiet place and think back on all the years you’ve had with her. Think about qualities that are unique to her, things she does for you, or special times you’ve shared together. Write ‘em all down as they pop you’re your mind. Your Love List can include big things and small things, funny things, and sweet things.

If you want some ideas on how to present your love list once you have it written, check out this free video. There’s also a free download of a ready-made Love List template — all you have to do is fill it in!

These lists are treasures for someone to hear. They are the best gift someone can receive. It is amazing to receive a gift that mirrors who you are. It is a gift to be seen. And unfortunately, people often don’t get to hear these kinds of things in their lifetime. For some reason in our culture, folks wait until funerals to express their love. Love Lists are a way to express your love and appreciation NOW!

2. Get Present

As we get older, material things become less important to us and old-fashioned quality time with people we loves becomes the real treasure. Everything is so fast-paced these days and we’re all always checking our smart phones or clicking away on the laptop. Why not give your mom a gift of your undivided attention? Make a handmade gift certificate for her that is good for an entire day together, just the two of you. Maybe you could plan an at-home spa day in which you give her a Mani Pedi and cook a healthy lunch? Does she have a favorite hobby that you can join in somehow? What if you went with her to her sewing class and then the two of you bought some fabric together and sat in the park to sew? Could you plan an afternoon picnic and you bring your camera so you can frame a favorite shot later? How about morning bird watching followed by a cup of tea at a local cafe?

Give Mom the gift of your time and attention by planning a very special adventure, designed with her in mind.

3. Straight from the Heart

Remember when you were in elementary school and at Mother’s Day you’d make your mom a photo paperweight or a vase of pretty paper flowers? Remember how your mom would always say, “This is my favorite gift!?” She meant it. Nothing tops a gift that someone specially makes with us in mind. You may think you’re too old to pull off a craft gift for mom, but think again. How about heading to one of those pottery-painting places where you can decorate a coffee mug? Create two of ‘em, one for each of you and then set up a time for a regular coffee klatch with mom by phone or in person. Or, use some of your talents as a photographer, painter, or photographer to create a one-of-a-kind artwork for mom. Sew her an apron with a personalized quote on it. Memorize a couple pieces of piano music and invite her to an at-home evening concert, followed by some wine and cheese. Don’t forget, you’ll always be your mom’s child. And there’s nothing moms like more than something created just for them by their kid!

Need a few more ideas? There are three more great ideas for you on the sample pages from the ebook, Present Perfect: 127 creative, one-of-a-kind, no-to-low cost, wow-em gifts they’ll never forget. Check out the samples and if you like what you see, you can download the book instantly for just $10.

About the Author

Sherry Richert Belul lives in San Francisco and is a mom to a fabulous 10-year-old boy. Sherry is the founder of Simply Celebrate, which is dedicated to helping people find more joy, color, connection, and spontaneity in life. Simply Celebrate offers practices and products to turn ordinary days into an extraordinary life! Sherry’s current focus is helping people foster deeper relationships through conscious and creative gift giving.

Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Mom

It might be tempting to buy flowers and candy for your mom this Mother’s Day, but that may not be what she really wants. Your special mom deserves careful consideration, and these three simple gifts will help you to make this Mother’s Day as unique as the mom in your life!

The Gift of Listening

Have you asked the mom in your life what she might like for Mother’s Day this year? The answer may surprise you.

Depending on the person, the special mother in your life might want to take a hike with the family or may want a couple of hours alone. Or, if she’s like me, your mom might want an unusual Mother’s Day gift, like a barbecue grill, or perhaps she won’t want you to spend a lot of money in order to cut down on potential financial stress.

The process of finding out what the mom in your life wants makes this gift special. The first part of the process is to ask seriously how she envisions that special day. The second essential step is to listen to the answer and act accordingly to make her vision for Mother’s Day a reality. The listening and follow-through on your part will provide a day to celebrate as unique as the mom in your life, and one she will remember for years to come.

The Gift of Surprise

What if your mom doesn’t really know what she wants on that special day? Don’t be discouraged – this is a wonderful opportunity to plan a surprise.

One of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts involved a surprise planned by my husband and children. On that Sunday afternoon, I was given our GPS programmed with a route that I was to follow, and at each stop I was greeted with a special treat – the first stop was a manicure, the second was coffee and a scone, and the third stop was at my favorite thrift store. This was a delightful way to spend the afternoon, and the surprise element only added to my excitement and joy.

The planned surprise doesn’t need to be elaborate or complicated, it just needs to cater to what’s special about your mom!

The Gift of Thoughtfulness

The crucial element to planning for Mother’s Day is to spend time thinking about what the mom in your life would really enjoy. Invest effort in thinking about her values and daily life, including how she spends her time and energy. Is she thrifty? Does she enjoy an occasional splurge and if so, what does she consider a “splurge?” Does she like to be active, or would she enjoy a relaxing massage? Could she benefit from some time alone with a gift card to shop without interruption? What is her favorite meal? Build your plans around your mom’s preferences and you’ll automatically be providing her with special treats.

These unique details are your keys to planning the best Mother’s Day celebration for the special mom in your life!

About the Author

Kelly Wilson is a busy mom and freelance writer who is looking forward to Mother’s Day. To find out more about the gift of teeth whitening for your special mom, check out Dr. Brett L. Johnson, DMD, a dentist in Oregon City, OR.

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Your parents’ lives revolved around you from Day One: from changing diapers through helping with homework, kissing boo-boos through dishing out dating advice, they’ve helped make you who you are today. But before fanny packs became their go-to accessory and minivans their car of choice, they were people, too!

In a digital age where we can retake digital photos until they’re “perfec,” the wildly popular website My Parents Were Awesome bucks the trend by appluading the everyday heroes – parents – with vintage photos. Launched in 2009 by writer, comedian and editor Eliot Glazer, the online collection of old photos of parents before parenthood proves that parents were once young, fun, and effortlessly cool. Yes – you know you want to check it out!

Now, Glazer combines the spontaneity and nostalgia of old photographs with stories by sons and daughters in a heartwarming collection of essays: MY PARENTS WERE AWESOME: Before Fanny Packs & Minivans, They Were People Too.

With intimate memories from Jamie Deen, Christian Lander, Laurie Notaro, and other acclaimed writers, comedians, musicians, and artists – MY PARENTS WERE AWESOME celebrates the hilarious stories of real parents: the mom and dad who traveled by VW bus to see Led Zeppelin for $1, the grandmother whose halter top and shorts belied her perfect demeanor, the father whose wanderlust passed down to his equally nomadic daughter.

A perfect gift for Mother’s Day, MY PARENTS WERE AWESOME includes a special section where you can personalize the book with your favorite image of your parents and write down your own cherished memories. With stories and photos that will warm your heart and make you laugh, the paperback edition of MY PARENTS WERE AWESOME reminds you to reflect, say thanks to Mom (and Dad) – and admit that, yes, your parents ARE awesome.

To learn more, or to order in time for Mother’s Day to let your mom know how amazingly awesome she is, visit

*Company generously provided a copy of the book and cover image for this review.*

Elegance and whimsy grace every piece of wearable art in the Leakey Collection™! Zulugrass™ jewelry specifically offers the modern woman versatility in the gorgeous and bright strands of color that can be worn separately or together to compliment any look. Handmade by skilled Maasai artisans, each bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings captures the spirit and essence of the Maasai, and feels as though you are wearing a part of history itself. Brilliantly colored beads made from readily available and sustainable grass are hand-dyed, and then strung together with hand-blown Czech glass beads, and the outcome is simply gorgeous! Not only are the pieces truly one-of-a-kind, but the women crafting these pieces are given a chance to provide for themselves and their children through their natural talent and abilities. To learn more about the story of the Maasai, click here.

The Zulugrass™ Collection is simply beautiful! You can create your own look by twisting various colored strand necklaces together, wearing a bracelet as an anklet, or adorning your wrists with a variety of bangles! The possibilities are endless for this eco-chic collection. Plus, with every purchase, you are supporting an amazing cause by helping the Maasai women empower themselves by providing an opportunity for them to care for their families with grace.

To learn more about the Leakey Collection™, to locate a retailer near you, or to order online, please visit With Mother’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to find a stunning, eco-fabulous gift for the special Mom in your life that also gives back!

*Company generously provided samples and images for this review.*

In honor of mothers and daughters everywhere on Mother’s Day and the special bond that they share comes this beautiful poem by Jayne Jaudon Ferrer.


From Dancing with My Daughter: Poems of Love, Wisdom, and Dreams by Jayne Jaudon Ferrer (Loyola Press)
Here we sit—two girls—
surrounded by all things pink.
I look at your fingers
so tiny!
kiss them,
caress them,
what all will fall
within their grasp.
Your eyes are wide
and merry,
as though you know
some delectable secret
and can’t wait until I
discover it, too.
But it is your skin
that captivates me.
So pure!
Fairly glistening
with unsullied newness of life.
My finger is a sponge
as I trace across your temple,
tickle across your tummy,
tease across your toes.
I soak up your
virgin essence
like a parched stem
sucking up summer rain.
Gorged on your glorious goodness,
drunk on your luminous glow,
I giggle,
you hiccup,
we bask
as here we sit—
two girls—
and the day

To read more of Jayne Jaudon Ferrer’s poetry and to order her collection of books, visit her website.

*Company provided information, images and a sample for this post.*