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Greening Baby’s Nursery on a Budget

For new moms, creating a safe, comfortable and planet-friendly nursery on a budget can often be challenging! How can the average household stick to a tight budget and still provide a peaceful, “green” environment for the newest member of the household? The following tips & suggestions show that yes, it IS possible for the average household to create a space that is kind to baby, the wallet and the environment!

Choose Low to Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Paint

Olympic® Premium Zero VOC Interior Paint is the only paint available in any color, available exclusively at Lowe’s, making it easy if you want to live and decorate “green.” You can choose from more than 1,200 colors in Olympic Paint’s palette or custom color match any color for the perfect hue for baby’s nursery. Unlike traditional paints, Olympic Premium Zero VOC Interior Paint is virtually odorless, which means you can breathe easy and have a more enjoyable painting experience, while contributing to the health of your home and the environment. Olympic Premium® paint starts at $18 a gallon, so not only is it good for indoor air quality, but it’s great for your budget, too!

Opt for Natural

From the furnishings to the crib sheets to the mattress – natural truly is better. One of the best items to “splurge” on for baby is an organic crib mattress. According to Shannon Choe, Founder of Premier Baby Concierge, “New parents are usually shocked to learn that most traditional mattresses have a vinyl cover with PVC, which is one of the most toxic plastics, and are foam made from petroleum with the toxic additive polyurethane and that these are tied to respiratory issues and are known carcinogens. Babies sleep a lot and spend a lot of time in their cribs, so the mattress is obviously one of the most important purchases parents will make and they should definitely learn more.”

However, for those on a strict budget, this simply may not be an option in this economic climate! This is where Natural Mat comes in – they have created an Organic Top Mat that is 100% Organic lambswool in a quilted cover. The Organic Top Mat is an economical way to give your precious cherub the key benefits of an organic mattress, at less than half the price. It fits easily over any existing mattress, protecting baby from breathing in any toxic chemicals, and as it rolls up easily, it can be utilized as a travel mat for naps on-the-go!

For sheets, purchase two fitted organic cotton sheets for starters. Babies do not require a top sheet, and having two fitted sheets, one on the mattress and one clean in the drawer, is truly all you need. Kushies offers lovely, super-soft 100% Organic Cotton sheets, in a variety of hues for baby’s nursery. At just $25.49, two sheets will not break the bank, and will have everyone breathing easier!

Ronique Gibson, of Stagetecture, chimes in, “For inexpensive décor and baby toys opt for natural wood objects over plastic formed ones. Instead of choosing expensive out-of-the box toys, use simple household items, like wood kitchen utensils and pots and pans for noise makers.”

For bedding and furnishings, look for natural materials made from jute, seagrass, wool or cotton for area rugs and simple window treatments. Consider using sheets and simple materials from a fabric store to keep costs down for window treatments and wall hangings.”

Clean & Freshen the Nursery Without Chemicals

Keeping a handle on germs with a newborn in the house is top-of-mind for most parents! When cleaning baby’s nursery, choose non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning supplies that will not expose your child to harsh chemicals.

Munchkin offers a powerful, portable Arm & Hammer Nursery Freshener that contains the power of baking soda & scented with soothing lavender that can be placed in diaper pails, diaper bags, changing tables, hampers, and more to keep odors at bay!

For cleaning the nursery, Eco Clean is a non-toxic, child-friendly collection fragranced with fresh smelling essential oils (orange rosemary, spicy lavender and cool mint). Since Eco Clean is made of plant and sugar-based surfactants, no toxic gases or fumes are released upon contact with water. This is a delightful choice for the entire household, as well! All Eco Clean products are available for $4.49 at and Duane Reade, and a little truly goes a long way!

Complete the Nursery with a Baby Carrier

To soothe and calm fussy little ones when the rocking chair just won’t do – a natural cotton carrier that will last from birth through 35 lbs. is a wonderful addition to any green nursery! The Baby K’tan® Baby Carrier is a 100% natural cotton, ergonomically designed & stylish soft hybrid baby carrier. Baby K’tan is a cross between a sling and a structured front baby carrier, offering the positions and benefits of both! The stylish and soft nature of the Baby K’tan® Baby Carrier will last as your baby grows – perfect for any budget-conscious parents. With the Baby K’tan infant carrier, your baby can be carried upright (facing in or out), and as they get older, they can be carried on your hip.

Your child’s nursery does not have to be expensive, with these simple tips. Scour consignment stores & online discount stores such as for the larger items, or repurpose pieces of furniture that you already own. Have fun, be playful, and don’t be afraid to use color! Remember, your child will all too soon be asking for his or her own style to shine through!

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Enter to win a Natural Mat crib sheet for your little one from their range of handmade, pure organic sheets! Natural Mat sheets are made from luxurious soft flannelette and crisp cotton percale, are machine washable and will provide years of service. A crisp organic cotton percale for the summer and soft flannelette for the winter are offered. Both are unbleached, undyed, machine washable and dryable. The winner can choose which sheet they would like.

Recommended Retail:

Fitted Soft Flannelette: $46.00

Size: 28” x 52”

Fitted Crisp Cotton Percale: $45.00

Size: 28” x 52”

From January 7th – January 14th, you can enter to win daily on Tiny Green Mom!

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Providing your infant with a safe, comfortable and soothing environment for slumber is of the utmost importance as they grow and develop in the first few months after birth! Set the stage for a sound sleep with these helpful hints from the makers of Natural Mat, organic mattresses for babies and children.

Natural Mat Sleep Tips for Baby

  • Put baby to sleep on their back. Babies who sleep on their backs are safer.
  • Provide a separate but nearby sleeping environment, meaning: babies should share a room with their parents, but not a bed. The risk of SIDS is reduced when the infant sleeps in the same room as the mother.
  • Ensure baby is sleeping on a well ventilated mattress such as Natural Mat to allow for baby to regulate their temperature so they remain cool and comfortable through the night.
  • Never put a baby to sleep on a couch or a chair. A crib, bassinette or cradle that conforms to the safety standards is recommended.
  • Make sure that the only item in the crib is a mattress, covered by a tight-fitting sheet. No bumper pads, blankets or toys.
  • Dress the baby in a one-piece sleeper to keep them warm in winter.
  • Protect baby from allergies and asthma caused by dust mites with a mattress that is completely anti-dust mite and provides certified allergy protection such as Natural Mat. Make sure the mattress outer cover can be taken off and washed and are not plastic as plastic is not “organic”.
  • Make certain baby is sleeping on a mattress that is naturally fire retardant such as Natural Mat which passes all fire regulations without the use of chemical or unnatural treatments in any part of the mattress.
  • Keep the room at a temperature that is comfortable for the whole family. But the house should not be too warm.
  • Never smoke in a house where an infant or child lives.

About Natural Mat

Natural, organic and green-Natural Mat is the only global natural mattress maker and has been making fiber mattresses for babies and children since 2001. Natural Mat is the original and best choice for baby. Natural Mat’s handmade mattresses are lovingly handcrafted in Devon from organic and sustainable sources of raw materials, all of which are biodegradable and comply with fair trade policies. Even Natural Mat packaging is eco friendly, made from potato starch and a mixture of recyclable and renewable paper sources from the Forestry Stewardship Council.

Give your baby’s existing mattress an organic makeover with the new Organic Top Mat from Natural Mat! Simply pure genius – the silky-soft, 100% Organic lambswool in a quilted cover is an economical way to give your little one the key benefits of an organic mattress, at less than half the price.

In addition to home use, the Top Mat can be conveniently rolled up and used as a travel mattress when on-the-go, providing a wonderfully breathable organic mattress overlay for unfamiliar hotel cribs and travel cribs, ensuring your baby gets a healthy and sound night’s sleep away from home. Plus, a cotton drawstring carry/travel bag is available separately.

Why You Will Fall in Love with the Organic Top Mat:

  • Organic lambs wool mattress in quilted cover.
  • Pure organic lambswool from Soil Association farms in the Westcountry.
  • Natural Mat lambswool is treated with lavender, lemon & eucalyptus, making it guaranteed anti-dustmite.
  • Lambswool is the perfect natural insulator, maintaining an even temperature for your baby.
  • Cotton drawstring bag to roll up and store mattress.
  • Breathable overlay for better ventilation and greater comfort.
  • Machine washable on wool wash.
  • Completely chemical-free, with no synthetic materials.

The Organic Top Mat is hands-down the best creation of 2011, and we are only 7 days in! For parents everywhere seeking safe, comfortable, & organic items for their precious tots, at an affordable price, this is an absolute must-have!

To learn more about Natural Mat, or to order online, please visit You can also follow Natural Mat on Facebook, for extra promotional offers.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this review.*

As parents, we truly do want the best for our children. Before our little cherubs our born, we scour websites, parenting books, and magazines, seeking the most up-to-date information on raising our children in the most healthful way possible. That is where Natural Mat comes in! The developer behind this earth-friendly company was spurred on by the lack of quality mattresses and bedding for babies and children after the birth of his first son, and subsequently, Natural Mat was created. This eco-conscious company prides themselves on being 100 percent organic, from packaging to product. Now parents and their precious babes can sleep more soundly, knowing that the materials that they rest their bodies upon each night are not chemical-laden.

A favorite among celebrities, such as Halle Berry and Jessica Alba, Natural Mat’s linens are simply phenomenal! Their 100% organic bed linens include silky-soft organic sheets and breathable organic mattress protectors. The sheets are made from a combination of soft flannelette and crisp cotton percale and are machine washable. After just the first washing, “Mom” was in love with how cuddly soft the sheets became!

In addition to their eco-luxe bed linens, Natural Mat offers an 100% Natural Crib Mattress Collection that is simply superior to any mattress that “Mom” has experienced to date. The line includes 3 crib mattresses – the one you choose for your child will depend on your little one’s needs.

Coco Mat

Natural Mat’s most breathable and organic mattress. The Coco Mat is filled with coir from the only certified organic coir plantation in the world. Coir is made from coconut fibers, which are coated in natural latex to make a supportive and breathable fibrous layer. The coir is wrapped in the company’s unique lambswool which is bathed in a mixture made from the extracts of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus making it completely anti-dust mite as well as maintaining the excellent thermal insulating properties of wool. The mattress is covered in an unbleached cotton herringbone cover, which is removable and machine washable.

Latex Mat

Natural Mat’s most hypo-allergenic mattress, Latex Mat, features completely natural latex tapped straight from the rubber tree. The latex forms a springy core and is sandwiched between layers of organic coir for extra support. This is then wrapped in the company’s unique lambswool which is bathed in a mixture made from extracts of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus making it completely anti-dust mite as well as maintaining the excellent thermal insulating properties of wool. The mattress is covered in an unbleached cotton herringbone cover, which is removable and machine washable. Latex Mat is offered in both a crib mattress and twin mattress sizing.

Mohair Mat

Mohair Mat is Natural Mat’s most luxurious baby mattress and offers a firmer, more supportive base. Horsetail hair (the longest and most durable natural fiber in the world) forms the core of the Mohair Mat and is sandwiched between two layers of organic coir for extra support. Silky mohair fleece wraps around the outside acting as a luxurious thermal insulator. The mattress is covered in an unbleached cotton herringbone cover, which is removable and machine washable.

With prices starting at $45 for organic sheets, Natural Mat is “Mom’s” new preferred choice in bedding for her tiny tot. Sweeter dreams & peace of mind start tonight!

For more information on Natural Mat’s organic bed linens and mattresses, please visit

*Company generously provided samples and images for this review.*

Babies spend over half their lives asleep, so creating a safe, healthy and comfortable sleeping environment is one of the most important things a parent can do for their child. Natural Mat’s mission is to provide baby with the best sleep environment and consequently, the best sleep for parents and baby…naturally.

Natural Mat crib mattresses offer the following superior qualities:


Babies are very temperature sensitive and need a well ventilated mattress so that they can easily regulate their temperature. Natural Mat’s mattresses and bed linen are made from natural and unbleached materials allowing a constant circulation of air, keeping baby cool and comfortable.

Non-Allergenic and Anti-Dust Mite

More and more babies suffer from allergies and asthma caused by dust mites. Natural Mat’s natural latex is 100% non-allergenic, so sensitive babies can rest more comfortably in a healthier environment. Additionally, Natural Mat’s lambs wool is bathed in a mixture made from extracts of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus which makes the entire mattress dust mite-free, without any lingering scents.

Naturally Fire Retardant

Natural Mat mattresses pass all fire regulations without the use of chemical or unnatural treatments in any part of their mattresses. They are covered in two unbleached, undyed 100% cotton covers that have no FR additives. All Natural Mat mattresses comply to the new federal 16 CFR 1633 requirements.

Long Lasting Superior Support

Natural Mat’s durable naturally sprung mattress cores provide superior and more longer lasting support than any synthetic foam or metal spring.

Handmade in Devonshire, England

Natural Mat’s mattresses are handmade from the finest raw materials in the world to provide baby with the most comfortable and safest sleeping environment possible for those important first years of life.

Eco Packaging

All packaging used for Natural Mat mattresses is 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable. Mattress cartons are made from potato starch and a mixture of recyclable and renewable paper sources from the Forestry Stewardship Council.

*Informative article and image courtesy of Natural Mat.*