Spring has sprung! It is time for a refresh around the home… so throw out those conventional toxic home cleaning products, and make room for greener, more eco-friendly options to clean and sanitize everything from the kitchen counters to your clothing & bedding! At Tiny Green Mom, we were given the opportunity to try an array of earth-friendly cleaning products & items that truly stood up to the test of a busy household with little ones!

Grab Green Tangerine All-Purpose Cleaner

Grab Green Home

This eco-fabulous line was recently seen at Natural Products Expo West… and the secret is out! With a wide range of green products, including a line of laundry pods and dishwashing detergent shown in third-party studies to outperform Tide and Cascade in several key cleaning tests, Grab Green Home quickly made an impression in our home. Not only do the products clean effectively, but the scents are a-mazing! Done with dinner? Quickly wipe up with their All-Purpose Cleaner in Red Pear with Magnolia, Tangerine with Lemongrass or Thyme with Fig Leaf! I know – hard to choose, right?!

Proudly Made in the USA with no harsh chemicals or phosphates, the line is safe, non-toxic, and uses naturally derived ingredients. You can learn more at

Bright Endeavors

Bright Endeavors

Once your home has been cleaned and refreshed, create the perfect atmosphere with Bright Endeavors, a social enterprise that is lighting the way out of poverty for young moms with their flagship signature glass candles. Packaged in compostable boxes and made from recycled glass and clean-burning soy wax, these candles are packed with uplifting fragrances to brighten and freshen your home, including Lime Lemongrass, Sandalwood Patchouli, and Water Lily. Not only do the candles give off a delightful aroma (we loved the Lime Lemongrass!), but you can feel good about the mission behind this company every time you light one!

Bright Endeavors helps adolescent moms through their paid job training program. Each candle is handcrafted and signed by participants on a path towards professional success, and one hundred percent of the proceeds go to participants who are not only learning job skills to gain independence and raise their families, but make a difference in their communities and shape the future.


Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner

Save yourself a trip to the dry cleaners (and $$$) and save the planet at the same time! Dryel is an at-home dry cleaner that uses the power of steam to clean and deodorize clothing all in a home dryer. Dryel refreshes and renews clothes in 15 minutes or deep cleans in 30 minutes. Unlike conventional dry cleaners, Dryel does not use the harmful chemical PERC (perchloroethylene). According to the EPA, PERC is a synthetic, volatile organic compound (VOC) that poses a health risk to humans and a threat to the environment. Even minimal contact with PERC can cause adverse health effects on the nervous system that include dizziness, headaches, fatigue, nausea, unconsciousness. PERC is not only hazardous for people who work in dry cleaning shops or bring home dry cleaned clothes. PERC can also get into our air, water, and soil during the cleaning, purification, and waste disposal phases of dry cleaning, according to the EPA.

Making it easy and planet-friendly to clean & deodorize your clothing at home, which is a sanity saver as a busy working mom, the Dryel Starter kit includes a reusable fabric protection bag that can be used up to 40 times and avoids stretching or damage to your clothes. For budget-conscious moms, that means you are cleaning garments for as little as 25 cents a piece!

Enviroscent Bursts True Cotton

Enviroscent Bursts

Did you know that most home air fresheners contain cancer-causing solvents? To freshen up the home and rid it of harmful chemicals, turn to the sustainable and eco-friendly option for home fragrance – Enviroscent Bursts. “Mom” is loving these new alternatives to toxic air fresheners! Bursts are non-toxic and last up twice as long as wax melts without the fragrance ever changing. Enviroscent Bursts are entirely recyclable and sustainably sourced. Either place on a warmer for a more intense scent or place in a jar for an added pop of color (and scent) in any room! Scents include True Cotton, Wild Lavender, Paradise Breeze, Amber Woods, and White Winter Fir. Available at Wal-Mart or online at

You can visit their website for a printable $1.00 off coupon, too!

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The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has offered Healthy Home Tips to protect you and your family from toxic chemical overload, especially at home. This illuminating article spells out the risks and implications clearly, in easy to understand terms, on why children are even more susceptible to toxic chemicals. It’s time to “green your cleaning routine” – starting with using common items such as lemons or Parsley Plus. Print the PDF version of their Healthy Home Tips guide here.

For more information, visit the Environmental Working Group.

You may think of parsley as just a garnish or as a breath freshener, but this delightful herb has been harnessed into Earth Friendly Products’ Parsley Plus All-Purpose Cleaner! For those who desire a powerful, non-toxic clean coupled with a fresh scent, this multi-purpose spray works wonders on appliances, countertops, sinks, floors, ceramic tile, walls, and even clothing. Plus, it will not strip the surface of wooden furniture! Parsley Plus is non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, environmentally-friendly, and gentle on the skin. Moms will love that this unique, all-purpose cleaner will also remove chewing gum, permanent markers, crayons, pencil marks and ink marks, to name a few!

To purchase Parsley Plus and other affordable, all-natural cleaners from the Earth Friendly Products line, visit

*Company sent a sample and provided images for this review.*

Finding environmentally-friendly products for the home that are easy on the budget isn’t always simple! Yes, you can use the tried and true tricks of the trade, such as using baking soda for scouring sinks, and lemons to clean the inside of your microwave, but what about cleaning the dishes in the dishwasher or at the sink? Even better – how about a product that does both? Earth Friendly Products has created the first dual cleaning product available today – DuoDish! This effective dishwashing gel is gentle on hands but strong enough to use in the dishwasher! DuoDish™ gel can be used when handwashing your china in the sink or placed in the dishwasher to wash your pots, pans, silverware, plates and bowls. This eco-friendly product does double duty, saving you money, too!

For those committed to using non-toxic cleaning products in their home and are looking for an affordable option, Earth Friendly Products offers a complete line that is free of bleach, petrochemicals, phosphates, carcinogens and other harmful ingredients.

Check out their entire list of products, from laundry detergent & dish soap to bathroom cleaners and glass cleaners online at

*Company sent a sample and images for this review.*