After being introduced to Hot Tot, the planet-friendly new line of haircare for babies and children, “Mom” took a minute to interview Megan Gage, the eco-savvy mom and founder of this up and coming company. What an inspiration she is for those seeking to launch their own business using sustainable business practices or developing an organic product line!

An Interview with Megan Gage, Founder of Hot Tot

Tell us about your eco-inspired company!

Hot Tot produces salon-quality hair styling products for babies and children without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals. After giving birth to my son (now 2 years old), I was disappointed to learn that the few lines of children’s haircare contained dangerous chemicals and/or smelled like fruit. I wanted to create formulas that would show people that healthy products could still be very effective. As a lover of all things fabulous, I wanted my line to feel special and luxurious. All too often, healthy products don’t smell great or look stylish sitting on a shelf. I am hopeful that Hot Tot will orient a whole new group of people to the idea that healthy products can still be very posh.

How do you choose to go green in your own life?

I am getting greener in my own life each day. I think the best way to be successful with anything is to be passionate and set realistic goals. Information is also very powerful. I began learning about the common toxins found in children’s products and was inspired to do better than other companies. I chose a manufacturer (for my products) who shared the same values as myself. We use chemicals that are healthy for people and our planet. We do not use extra packaging (boxes) to avoid producing excess waste. I am teaching my children about the power of one person. We get a vote about the way things work every time we purchase a product (or leave it on the shelf). We recycle as a family and maintain a dialogue about our impact on the world.

Guilty green pleasure?

I love Farmers Markets! Who doesn’t, right? And vintage clothing. I have recently become obsessed with vintage clothing!

Can you offer any encouraging words for those with a small sustainable business?

I commend anyone who commits to implementing sustainable business practices. Passion is key. When motivation comes from within, people have a way of just making it work. I believe that the quality of my company speaks for itself. Green practices can save money, create customers who feel good supporting my brand, and will hopefully spark industry change so that bigger companies will become more environmentally conscious. Everyone wins!

Successful celebrity stylist Peter Lamas stopped by Tiny Green Mom to answer some questions about Peter Lamas Products, his 100% Vegan line of skincare, haircare, and bodycare products that was launched in 2004.

An Interview with Celebrity Stylist Peter Lamas

Tell us about your eco-inspired company.

I worked as a hair and makeup stylist for many years and was appalled to see some of the harsh chemical ingredients that were being added to many commonly-used beauty products. I was determined to find a balance between nature and healthy science to create effective products that perform to a professional standard. Each product combines exotic extracts, powerful botanicals and potent herbs to enhance all skin and hair types. My company and I remain committed to being beauty innovators to make sure we offer products that are healthy for people and for the planet.

How do you choose to go green in your own life?

It is about making a conscious decision to be green and being aware of the effects of my actions on the environment. For example, I make sure to purchase products with the least amount of packaging to reduce waste or buy products that use recycled materials. I also tend to eat locally grown, organic food to make sure no harmful pesticides were used. Even if it is something as simple as switching to LED lighting – these small changes add up.

Guilty green pleasure?

There plenty of great restaurants that offer macrobiotic or sustainable foods. The food tastes amazing and you know the meal is healthy for your body and for the environment.

Can you offer any encouraging words for those with a small sustainable business?

Be conscious of your expenses. Being green does not mean you have to pay more for materials and services. Also, just like any other business, you need focus, commitment and determination to succeed.

*Images provided by Peter Lamas Products.*