Pack in an Eco-Friendly Way for Vacation

Eco-Friendly travel (or green travel – as you may know it) is a trend and a cause that is becoming more and more popular – and more and more worthy or your attention. There are some great companies out there that are exclusively offering eco-friendly tours and trips – and although this is a great step to take, there are a few smaller steps you can take personally too when heading away on vacation.

What is green travel?

Well, as you may recycle your plastics at home to help the environment – green travel and eco friendly travel, is all about helping to protect the environment when you travel. Travelling can potentially be quite a harmful hobby or interest – when you don’t take the environment into consideration, so it’s imperative that you take the environment into consideration and you employ techniques that go out of the way to protect and utilise the world’s own resources.

How can something as small as packing help?

Well you’d be surprised. It’s all about being thoughtful about how you pack – and (unsurprisingly) utilizing a bit of common sense too. Most people can easily pack for their travels a little more eco-friendly, without leaving important items behind or without sacrificing any fun too.

Here are the top 5 tips:

1. Pack lightly

Packing lightly is the first tip. If you’re heading away on a romantic weekend, instead of taking two bags or two suitcases (one each) take just the one and share the space. The less luggage you take with you, the less you’re having to cart around, which means less energy. When it comes to planes and fuel – if every couple took one bag rather than too – the plane would be using much less fuel – lowering the carbon footprint of that plane ride hugely. The same goes for if you’re traveling by car – as the less heavy the vehicle the less fuel it needs.

2. Pack sensibly

If you’re heading away for more than a few days – then there’s a chance you may need to do laundry whilst you’re there. This tip applies to backpackers and travellers in particular. To prevent doing laundry often (because doing laundry take up a lot of energy and resources) you’ll want to pack items that are going to stay clean for longer – which means pack darker items (not white linen trousers). Also – pack items that dry quickly too, as this means you needn’t use the dryer – instead, you can simply dry your clothing quickly and easily on the balcony in the sunshine!

3. Pack re-usable items

Things such as re-usable water bottles are great to have with you when travelling so make sure you’ve packed one. Not only is it cheaper to refill your own water bottle then keep buying new ones – but it’s also much more eco friendly and environmentally sound. One bottle (even a cheap one) can last you months, and a proper flask may last you years. Think about all the plastic you’ll be saving with just this tip.

4. Avoid disposable bags

Disposable bags, like the ones you’ll be given in duty free shops, supermarkets or souvenir shops – are all usually plastic – and definitely not eco friendly or green. Instead, pack yourself a foldable

5. Take a digital camera

Sounds silly – that this should even been included but packing a digital camera is an easy and effective way to improve your eco efficacy. Make sure you have multiple memory cards that are reusable and ensure you have rechargeable batteries too. Disposable batteries are terrible for the environment – so avoid those at all costs!

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