Keep little ghosts and ghouls hydrated while trick-or-treating this Halloween with SIGG’s new Fall collection, showcasing a favorite iconic character, Hello Kitty, dressed up for the occasion, too! On each reusable water bottle, Hello Kitty wears a different animal costume, including Elephant, Tiger, Leopard and Monkey.

Heralding the Halloween spirit, SIGG makes it fun for little ones to keep thirst at bay while running up and down the neighborhood! These cute character bottles are up to the mighty task on Hallow’s Eve. You can find them online at

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For hours of creative writing, drawing, and just plain fun – the new two-sided Take it Easel from B. Toys is a budding artist’s dream! No need to waste paper – this reusable easel features an erasable whiteboard on one side and a chalkboard on the other, becoming a tabletop easel or chalkboard in an instant. Just pull the handle up and click it in place when ready to draw and create!

With an extremely handy handle for carrying the easel to the desired location, the Take it Easel is portable, which makes it a great item to pack along for trips to Grandma’s when on-the-go! It holds art supplies right inside when closed, and comes with 10 non-toxic washable markers, an eraser and chalk to get your child started! “Mom’s” little one is having a blast carryng the Take it Easel all around the house to play and draw, and “Mom” loves how easy it is to clean up!

To learn more, visit B. Toys, or purchase one at or

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We Wean Green! Seriously – this super cool company created by a mom who knows what other parents want in a reusable storage container for all things baby! Yes, Wean Green’s various sized containers were meant for baby’s purees, snacks and leftover foods, but talk about versatility! We just can’t stop raving about these reusable, eco-friendly baby food storage containers!

Made from tempered glass, Wean Green eco-friendly baby food containers are 6 times stronger than a drinking glass and are designed to go from heat to freezer to heat and back again as many times as you need! You see what we mean – well designed! Each size features an easy-close lid in a bright color, and the containers boast a modern, fresh design. Lunch Cubes, Wean Cubes, Wean Bowls, Snack Cubes and Wean Tubs round out the entire collection.

We know you will the entire Wean Green Collection as much as “Mom’s” family! Check them out online at!

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If you are a fan of FuzziBunz® modern cloth diapers, then you are going to LOVE their new & improved Trickle Free Trainers™! Finally – a cost-effective, planet-friendly and just over-the-top adorable training pant! Potty training is never easy, and in between messes and choosing whether to dress your little one in big kid underwear (and deal with the accidents) or a pull-up (which will end up in a landfill somewhere), this is the truly the best of both worlds.

Trickle Free Trainers™ are available in 4 kid-friendly designs, including Super Kid in Training, Beeee-uty in Training, NO Dumping, and Princess in Training, in sizes S, M, & L. What “Mom” loves is that each Trickle Free Trainer™ comes with 2 snap placements, to make sure the fit is right for your child, and will grow with him or her. Additional features of the Trickle Free Trainers™ include:

• Fun child focused digitally printed (no fading or peeling) designs are engaging to toddlers

• Design looks less like a diaper and more like big kid underwear

• Minky fabric on inside allows for wetness to be felt yet cleans up easy in messy situations

• Perfect next-step purchase for loyal FuzziBunz® parents

• Available in a variety prints and white

• Easy dual side snaps makes changing accidents a breeze

For any parent undertaking potty training, the Trickle Free Trainer™ are hands-down a smart, smart buy! Run, don’t walk, to the FuzziBunz® site to buy a couple for your little guy or gal in training!

FuzziBunz® also offers some great tips as you start the potty training process, in their free online potty training guide. Click here to view the PDF.

To locate a retailer near you that carries FuzziBunz® products, or to order online, visit

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For an eeeek-o-friendly HalloGREEN, make sure to pick up the 2011 Reusable Trick-or-Treat bags from ChicoBag™! With five frighteningly fun designs to choose from, parents can make sure each child gets their own reusable treat bag for trick-or-treating! Even more thrilling – four of the five designs glow-in-the-dark when charged before heading outside! When finished using the bags, they roll up into a smaller, built-in pouch with a small clip for carrying with you for other uses, such as grocery shopping. Made to be sturdy & durable – the bag can hold up to 25 lbs, perfect for hauling home all the loot this Halloween! Plus, the bags are machine washable – just make sure to hang them to dry.

Halloween designs include Frankenstein, Haunted House, Jack-o-Lantern, Purple Ghost and Skull. Learn more at For other earth-conscious ideas for making this a scarily healthy HalloGREEN, visit

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Have a toddler or preschooler who wants to do homework just like their older siblings now that school has started? Check out the new H2-Whoa! from! This reusable, two-sided drawing board uses pens filled with water to write and draw – with absolutely no mess! The water just dries and disappears for your little one to draw a new picture or practice letters & numbers! “Mom” loves how the pens slip easily into the four holders on the side of the drawing board when not in use, and there is a convenient handle to carry it when on-the-go, making it an excellent, mess-free option for car trips! Did we mention that there is no mess to clean up?!

The drawing board features two sides to draw on, so your child has a choice of color for their masterpiece, and the pens can be easily refilled with water when dry, whether at home or away. H2-Whoa! will be your child’s favorite pick for drawing and writing, and you will love that there is absolutely no clean-up involved! Long trips to Grandma’s, here we come!

To locate a Target retailer near you that carries H2-Whoa!, visit

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FuzziBunz® Reusable Diapers

Keep your baby’s bottom warm & cozy (and DRY!) with FuzziBunz® – the modern and convenient cloth diapering system that makes it a cinch for any parent to make the switch to cloth. What “Mom” loves about FuzziBunz® is how many gorgeous, bright colors the diapers are available in, so matching to your child’s outfit is fun and easy. FuzziBunz® are almost like a fashionable accessory that is both healthy for baby and the planet – keeping your little one dry and covered, while doing your part to stop disposables from filling up the landfills!

FuzziBunz® Reusable Diapers have received the GOLD Standard in cloth diapering, and there are many reasons why! Tereson Dupuy, the hip mother and inventor of FuzziBunz®, has listed 18 reasons why you should be using (or at least considering using) FuzziBunz®:

1. Keeps Baby Dry
2. Incredible Diaper Savings
3. Eliminates / Treats Diaper Rash
4. Healthy for our Environment
5. Adjustable Sizes
6. No Messy or Wet Leaks
7. Stays Beautiful Wash after Wash
8. Leg Casings!
9. Durable Diapers
10. Unsurpassed Quality
11. Super Trim Fit
12. Easy to Use
13. High Sanitation Standards
14. Quick Drying
15. Maximum Comfort for Baby
16. 110% Guaranteed Customer Service
17. Invented by a Mom
18. Stylish

You can read more in-depth here.

Mom” was sent a FuzziBunz® Perfect Size Diaper and FuzziBunz® One Size Diaper for review, and both held up to the test! The one size is hands-down both economical and convenient, adjusting to fit your baby from birth (or 7 lbs) up to 35 lbs. For those on a budget, this is a fabulous choice! Each FuzziBunz® One Size Diaper includes an easy to replace elastic and two washable inserts, and they are also available in 2 packs. The FuzziBunz® Perfect Size Diaper is available in 4 sizes, and adjusts using snaps to fit each size seamlessly. Available in a rainbow of bold colors, the FuzziBunz® Perfect Size Diaper includes one washable insert.

To learn more about cloth diapering, to view a cost comparison, or to order your own set of FuzziBunz® Reusable Diapers, visit

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Bright and cheerful totes will make you the EnV of all shoppers this summer! EnV Bags‘ new Road to Hana collection is just so darn cute! “Mom” has one tucked into her purse at all times now – it rolls up neatly and is ready to be utilized when shopping or toting extra items to the car, such as art projects, beach & sand toys, extra clothing, you name it! But the best part is just how each design reminds you of sun-filled days, sure to help beat the blues in the dead of winter!

Made of water-resistant nylon, all EnV Bags are available as a set, in a collection of 3 or 5 bags, such as the Road to Hana collection, or as a single bag with pouch. You can choose from a variety of fresh, modern prints that are too pretty to be kept tucked out of sight!

To see all of the stylish reusable totes available from EnV Bags, visit

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Head on over to Five Accessories to pick up some colorful & bright reusable shopping bags in time for Earth Day! Now through April 3oth, they are offering 20% off your entire purchase. Use the promo code ECO to save today!

Visit to take advantage of this eco-fabulous deal.

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This is one smart, oh-so-handy product that will have you saying, “Now, why didn’t I think of that!?”

Mornings are busy, and for the urban gal or guy on-the go, the RuMe Cuff makes it easy to keep your hands protected from your cup of joe as you dash off to the gym before work – simply slip it over the coffee cup and say “no thanks” to the cardboard sleeve that inevitably ends up in the trash. Wait! It is not just a coffee sleeve, as this planet-friendly cuff also functions as a secure armband wallet to wear while jogging, lifting weights or hiking the trail.

This eco-fabulous little find was created by RuMe in response to the disturbing fact that each year 1.1 billion single-use coffee sleeves are discarded. Taking action, RuMe created this reusable, machine-washable cuff – simply brilliant!

To learn more about the RuMe Cuff, or additional earth-friendly finds from RuMe, visit

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