Bring the outdoors in this Spring by enlivening your floors with gorgeous, hand-crafted rugs made from natural fibers, such as Jute, Bamboo, and SeaGrass! By adding a splash of color to your space with elements found in nature, a whole new look can be achieved in just seconds! Plus, by utilizing natural fibers, you are creating an environmentally-friendly space by not covering your floors in chemically-treated carpets made of synthetic fibers.

What is Jute? Jute rugs are sustainable, eco-friendly and dye-free – made from a fiber that is rain-fed and has no use for pesticides or fertilizers. Jute is known for its’ strength, and when woven into beautiful rugs, is luxurious and soft underfoot. To learn more about Jute and decorating your home with this natural, earth-friendly material, please visit

Why bamboo? A versatile material, bamboo is an extremely viable renewable material. In fact, it is the fastest growing tree on Earth! Compared to hardwood trees, bamboo trees absorb carbon dioxide and release approximately 35% more oxygen back into the environment. From luxe sheets to floor coverings and rugs, you will love including bamboo throughout your household! For inspiration on sprucing up your interior décor with bamboo, visit

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful seagrass rug… the flowering seagrass plant produces a fiber that is both supple and durable, and adds a lovely element to any room in the home! A seagrass rug is an affordable, inexpensive eco-friendly option when choosing a natural, sustainable floor covering. For more information on Seagrass, visit