Nothing is more reminiscent of the holidays each year than baking goodies with your children! However, sweets and treats at this time of year are often sugar-coated and calorie-laden, and not very healthy for growing bodies (or older bodies, watching their weight). Sun-Maid offers two fun treats to cook up in the kitchen that actually require no baking, so they are perfect for an after-school or snow day activity. These recipes can also be packaged prettily to give as budget-friendly gifts from the heart!

Apricot Pops


1 6-oz. package Sun-Maid Mediterranean Apricots
28 pretzel sticks about 4″ long and 3/8″ thick
1 cup (6-oz.) semi-sweet baking chips or white chocolate chips or 1/2 cup of each (“Mom” prefers organic)

Decorating Supplies:

1 package Sun-Maid Fruit Bits or Sun-Maid Tropical Trio
cookie sprinkles


PLACE a piece of wax paper or plastic wrap on a cookie sheet and set aside.
PUSH a pretzel stick into the small opening at the edge of each apricot.
PUT chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl, or separate bowls for each type of chocolate. Heat on medium power (50%) for about 2 minutes. Stir until chips are melted.
HOLD end of pretzels and dip apricots, one at a time, into chocolate.
DECORATE each “Apricot Pop” right after dipping:

  • Roll in a dish of Fruit Bits or Tropical Trio.
  • Sprinkle with cookie sprinkles.
  • Dip a toothpick in chocolate to drizzle stripes or designs.
  • Make up your own decoration, or leave it plain chocolate!

PLACE finished “Apricot Pops” on cookie sheet. Refrigerate 10 minutes until chocolate is set.

Makes about 28.

Holiday Gift Jars: Fruit and Nut Snack Mix


LAYER a selection of Sun-Maid Raisins, Apricots, Fruit Bits, Cherries or Cranberries with peanuts, almonds, pistachios, and walnuts in any size glass jar.

No recipe needed to snack any time!

*Recipes and images courtesy of Sun-Maid.*

For a nutritious snack on-the-go, Sun-Maid California Apricots are an excellent choice! Boasting 3 grams of fiber per serving, with no added sugars, and only 100 calories, this antioxidant-rich snack is a treat for adults and kids alike! These chewy dried apricot halves can be added to cereal, oatmeal, homemade trail mixes, salads, or just enjoyed by the handful. For nutritious recipe ideas, you can visit Sun Maid’s website for new ways to enjoy this healthy snack!

Sun-Maid California Apricots can be purchased at any national grocery store. For more information, nutritional information, or free recipe booklets, please visit

*Company generously provided samples and images for this review.*