School’s out for the summer! For the hungry beasts rummaging through your pantry and refrigerator, keep organic, all-natural and Fair Trade Certified snacks on hand and in plain sight for them to grab easily after a hard day at play! One of our go-to brands in the Tiny Green Mom household is SunRidge Farms! This family-owned company offers delicious snacks you can feel good about offering to your family. Whether you pack their Organic Banana Chips in your little one’s lunchbox for summer camp, or nosh on their Berries & Chocolate Antioxidant Mix as an afternoon pick-me-up, SunRidge Farms has the entire family covered when it comes to snacking!

SunRidge Farms Hiking Pic

Some of our favorites include:

Organic Greek Yogurt Pretzels, Organic Quinoa Coconut Mango Granola, All Natural Berries & Chocolate Antioxidant Mix, Organic Dark Chocolate Raisins, All Natural Women’s Vitality Mix, All Natural Men’s Energy Mix, and Organic, Fair Trade Certified Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds (“Mom’s” favorite!)

SunRidge Farms Banana Chips

The organic snacks offered from SunRidge Farms contain no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides in growing and processing, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, and no hydrogenated oils or trans fats.

In addition to purchasing the snacks individually, you can also purchase SunRidge Farms foods in bulk! Did you know that organic bulk items are 89 percent less expensive than their packaged counterparts? SunRidge Farms can be found right in the bulk aisles of your local grocery or health food store, including Whole Foods Markets.

About SunRidge Farms
SunRidge Farms is a family-owned company based in Royal Oaks, CA. It’s manufacturing facility is powered by 2,500 solar panels, eliminating more than 1.3 million points of CO2 annually. The company also uses biodiesel delivery trucks and hybrid cars to power its sales team and offers employees $5 a day to bike to and from work. You can learn more here.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this article. All thoughts expressed herein are my own.*

Mark your calendars for a day of delicious, energy boosting indulgence on August 31, which is National Trail Mix Day! Leading trail mix manufacturer SunRidge Farms is encouraging Americans to hit the trail, grab their bikes or plan a hike, and take along this healthful snack that provides a quick carbohydrate-fueled boost paired with sustained energy from the heart-healthy fats found in many nuts included in trail mix.

Fun Trail Mix Facts:

Trail mix has been eaten by Native Americans for thousands of years, and originally included buffalo meat.

Trail mix is featured in Jack Kerouac’s iconic 1958 novel The Dharma Bums.

Trail mix is the favorite healthy snack of celebrities such as Jessica Biel and Blake Lively.

Captain Robert Falcon Scott munched trail mix to maintain his energy while trekking through the snow in 1901 during his attempt to conquer the Antarctic.

Trail mix is known as Scroggin in Australia, Studentenfutter in Denmark and Pink Buggie in Canada. Each version contains ingredients as unique as their names suggest. ·

Tips to Help You Enjoy National Trail Mix Day:

At Work: Ditch the sweets and grab a nutritional trail mix for your afternoon snack to keep your energy sustained. Try an organic s such as Organic Cranberry Harvest Mix.

For A Natural Energy Boost: Hit the trail for a lunchtime walk or jog, armed with your favorite energizing mix, such as SunRidge Farms’ Hit the Trail Mix.

With Your Kids: Fuel your kids with a fun and natural trail mix such as Berries and Chocolate Antioxidant Mix, rather than candy or chips.

*Image and tips provided by SunRidge Farms, which produces more than 20 varieties of trail mix available in more than 5,500 stores across the country and online at

Dark chocolate paired with roasted almonds, peanuts, & cashews, plus dried cranberries, blueberries, and cherries – what’s not to love about this all-natural mix from SunRidge Farms? A handful or two of this delightful mix will satisfy any craving for a salty and sweet snack, PLUS the Berries and Chocolate Antioxidant Mix provides protein, fiber, and antioxidants. The newest creation from SunRidge Farms, this high-energy mix contains absolutely no hydrogenated oils, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Simply put – SunRidge Farms’ Berries and Chocolate Antioxidant Mix won’t last long in the household!

To learn more about SunRidge Farms, or to locate a retailer near you, please visit their website.

SunRidge Farms is committed to organic and natural snacks, staples, and confections that are healthy for people and the environment. All products, including the newest Antioxidant Mix, are made in a sustainable, solar-powered manufacturing plant in Pajaro, California, and are shipped using the company’s fleet of biodiesel delivery trucks.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this review.*