When it comes to cleaning, environmentally friendly or ‘green’ cleaning is all the buzz. But it’s about more than simply protecting the health of the environment. It’s also about avoiding exposure to dangerous chemicals and cleaning practices that could affect your personal health.

Cleaning experts at The Maids Home Services, a residential cleaning service, have offered Tiny Green Mom readers their top 5 green cleaning tips for a sparkling, eco-friendly home.

Top 5 Green Cleaning Tips

  • Resist the urge to grab a roll of paper towel when cleaning. Opt instead for microfiber cloths that trap dust and allergens, eliminating them from the air you breathe. Look for cloths that are appropriate to your cleaning task, be it dusting or buffing.
  • Let your home get a breath of fresh air as often as possible. Pollutants indoors are often higher than outside. Open the windows and let them out!
  • Choose natural air fresheners, like daffodils or simmering cinnamon sticks. Synthetic air fresheners often emit VOCs, volatile organic compounds, that can exacerbate health issues producing skin, eye and respiratory reactions.
  • Look for eco-friendly ingredients in cleaning products. Seek those with plant-oil disinfectants such as rosemary, sage or eucalyptus.
  • Invest in a vacuum cleaner that utilizes a HEPA filtration system. These advanced filters can capture the tiny bacteria and particulates that cause allergy sufferers distress.
  • Steer clear of chlorine bleach. It can burn skin and eyes and once released into the environment, can wreak havoc. Hot soapy water is an effective and safer alternative.

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