Give the imaginative, snuggly and entertaining gift that gives back – IKEA Soft Toys! From November 1st through December 24th, approximately $1.35 from every IKEA Soft Toy purchased will be given to Save the Children and UNICEF, so that children in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia can have access to quality education. Since its inception in 2003, the IKEA Soft Toys for Education campaign has assisted more than 8 million children in almost 40 countries around the globe! How? Simply purchase one or more of their Soft Toys, including huggable stuffed animals, puppets and books. The Soft Toys can be found in IKEA stores as well as online, and it will be very tempting for you not to purchase more than one!

With oh-so-soft oversized carrots and broccoli heads to play with and cuddle, or a whole puppet circus to create amusing puppet shows for the entire family, this is definitely one gift you can feel good about giving! Plus – all of the IKEA Soft Toys are affordable, ranging in price from $0.49 – $19.99, so they won’t break your bank either!

Mom’s” daughter just adores the gigantic head of broccoli! It is so large that it can actually be used as a soft pillow if needed, and it definitely makes for an interesting conversation when you see such a humongous broccoli on the floor or bed!

To learn more about the IKEA Soft Toys for Education Campaign, to locate an IKEA store near you, or to order online, visit

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Things are getting whacky around “Mom’s” house! B. Toys sent over their Whacky Ball game for children ages 1 to 3 years old, and this little game has been providing quite a bit of action the past few days! The hammer squeaks as the balls are hit into the hole successfully and down they come – one by one into the tray at the bottom. Developing hand and eye coordination is fun with this toy that provides hours of entertainment! Get the whole family involved in a “whacking” session – pun intended, of course!

Features of Whacky Ball include:

Four beautiful balls
Mirrored background
Hammer squeaks, wheels spin, balls bang
Pretty tray catches balls
Etched patterns & sensational colors make B. toys a work of art. Don’t hide this toy away when company comes!

To learn more about B. Toys and their entire line of educational and just plain fun toys for little ones, visit

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Have a toddler or preschooler who wants to do homework just like their older siblings now that school has started? Check out the new H2-Whoa! from! This reusable, two-sided drawing board uses pens filled with water to write and draw – with absolutely no mess! The water just dries and disappears for your little one to draw a new picture or practice letters & numbers! “Mom” loves how the pens slip easily into the four holders on the side of the drawing board when not in use, and there is a convenient handle to carry it when on-the-go, making it an excellent, mess-free option for car trips! Did we mention that there is no mess to clean up?!

The drawing board features two sides to draw on, so your child has a choice of color for their masterpiece, and the pens can be easily refilled with water when dry, whether at home or away. H2-Whoa! will be your child’s favorite pick for drawing and writing, and you will love that there is absolutely no clean-up involved! Long trips to Grandma’s, here we come!

To locate a Target retailer near you that carries H2-Whoa!, visit

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Kids Animal Croquet Set

Throwing a birthday party for your little wild child? Set up this charming wooden animal croquet set in the backyard or at the park for some excitement and fun! Featuring six hand-painted wooden wickets in the shape of different animals, such as a cow or parrot, four wooden mallets and four wooden balls, the set is perfectly sized for tiny hands. On rainy or snowy days, it can even be set up indoors on carpet for some entertainment and to beat the wiggles! “Mom” thinks this set is just too, too cute! It is easy to set up and take down so little helpers can assist, as well!

The Animal Croquet Set includes:

•6 hand-painted wood wickets with indoor/outdoor stands, 4 wood mallets, and 4 wood balls
•Animals include: frog, cow, leopard, turtle, alligator, and parrot

To learn more, or to order, visit

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Stave off the wiggles and inevitable crankiness on a stormy day this summer with some fabulous finds for rainy day fun! “Mom” has selected her top picks for helping kids stay busy and entertained when inside this summer. No TV required!

Top Picks for Rainy Day Fun

Moon Dough Magic Zoo

Perfect for sparking creativity and engaging children ages 3+ on a wet, rainy day this summer, the Moon Dough Magic Zoo will definitely be a hit! Wheat-free, which is great for those with allergies, this magic dough never dires out! Soft, squishy and easy to mold into any shape, the animals actually walk right out of the Magic Zoo with their self winding feet!

It’s simple – just place the Moon Dough into the magic molding zoo and watch as the animals magically come to life and walk out!

The Moon Dough Magic Zoo Package includes:

• 1 Magic Molding Zoo
• 2 Winder Walkers
• 3 Animal Molds
• 1 Fence Mold
• 3 Colors of Moon Dough

Moon Dough refill packs are also available. Visit

Animal Planet™ Cahootie

How about a little trivia fun? Filled with wild questions about animals & creatures and cool fortunes to uncover, Animal Planet™ offers 4 versions of the Cahootie, including Endangered Creatures, Sea Creatures, Cats Rule and Dogs Rule.

Cahootie is a reinvention of the beloved classic cootie-catcher games (remember making them out of paper?) and encourages kids to unplug the computer, turn off the television, put away the video games and get their imagination going. The Cahootie is great for car trips and airplane trips, too!

Available in local retailers and online, the Animal Planet™ Cahootie is a great way to get your kids chatting and learning all about the animal kingdom this summer. Check out


Get kids excited about eating vegetables and herbs by planting their very own garden with Growums! Plant the seedlings while inside on a rainy afternoon, and as soon as the weather clears, head outside to put the mini garden in the sun.

Kids can choose from six fun kits including Herb Garden, Pizza Garden, Salad Garden, Stir-fry Garden, Taco Garden, and Ratatouille Garden to grow a real garden with virtual world fun. Each garden kit features unique, magical coco or peat pellets that make planting and growing practically foolproof.

How to start?

It’s easy! Kids start by going to to register their garden and follow the colorful characters in a virtual garden world that shows them how to care for their vegetables. This animated step-by-step series of mini videos are updated every ten days with tips on what to expect next and how to care for the seedlings.

With a little help and information from Tomicio the tomato, Frank Cilantro, Belle Peppa, Ice Berg the lettuce wrapper and, of course, Elvis Parsley and more; in a matter of weeks kids will be able to harvest fresh vegetables and herbs to create nutritious meals. Weekly emails also alert children to next steps and explain topics including watering, weeding, growth cycles and more.

Growums are available online and at independent garden centers across the country. Learn more at

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Check out these whimsical, hand-knit and fair trade rattles, puppets and toys from Yellow Label Kids! Just way too cute, your tiny tot can gum and drool on soft, homemade rattles in the shape of animals, birds, flowers, rainbows, and more, providing worry-free tactile stimulation!

Each item in the collection is handmade by an artisan, who is paid living wages in accordance with Fair Trade practices. From clothing & blankets to toys & dolls, each item is unique, and make wonderful baby shower gifts! “Mom’s” favorite? These adorable rattles (above) in the shape of a bird or owl. So sweet!

To learn more about Yellow Label Kids, or to order, please visit

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Too, too cute! The new Believe Organic Plush line by Dandelion Earth-Friendly Goods are cuddly-soft and sure to become your little one’s favorite lovey! Made of organic and natural materials, and filled with corn fiber – this is stress-free snuggling at its’ best! Each adorable Mommy and Baby pair make an excellent addition to any planet-friendly nursery or toddler’s room, and will be loved by kids’ and adults alike.

The Believe Organic Plush line inspires children and parents to think about the impact that every action they make has on the planet, and believe that together, we can all make a difference! The eco-plush line features a Mommy & Baby Polar Bear, Mommy & Baby Rhino, and Mommy & Baby Elephant, and they are all so squishy and cute that you may be tempted to start your own plush zoo!

For more information on the new Believe Organic Plush from Dandelion Earth-Friendly Goods, visit

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Super cool toy alert! B. Toys, known for their brightly-colored, educational toys for children, has developed what “Mom” thinks is just plain SMART. Many of their favorites now come in recycled packaging, made from recycled paper and printed with soy-based inks, and the boxes wrap themselves for easy gift-giving! For busy families who want to make a difference, and cringe at the thought of buying yet another birthday party bag that may get tossed once the present is opened, this eco-friendly option is simply fabulous!

The B. Alphaberry is a learning tool which teaches youngsters the alphabet on their own handheld PDA! It arrives packaged in its’ own recycled paper box, and includes the following features for fun, anytime!

  • Push any button. A letter appears & is read aloud.
  • 3 screen colors
  • 4 musical styles of the alphabet song
  • Cozy in little hands
  • Auto-off and volume control (It can use its inside voice, too)

The B. Alphaberry can be purchased at Target, or you can visit to locate a retailer near you.

The B. Okideoke is perfect for your budding singer! For family sing-alongs, or just to record your own voice, this little microphone comes in recycled packaging, and has 4 unique features:

  • Amplify your voice
  • 8 pre-recorded tunes
  • Record a message or a song
  • Control the tempo

To learn more about the B. Okideoke, which can be purchased at, please visit

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