Petite and nutritious, Wholly Wholesome Mini Pocket Breads are just 100 delicious calories per serving! Great for making sandwiches, dipping in hummus, spreads, or just extra virgin olive oil & herbs, “Mom” is lovin’ these teeny pocket breads!

Why choose Wholly Wholesome? Offered in Classic White or Whole Wheat, the Mini Pocket Breads contain no hydrogenated fats or oils, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, additives, refined sugars, or bleached flour. Just all-natural, 70% organic, and wholesome ingredients that you can pronounce! Fluffy and light, they hit the spot without being overly filling.

What did “Mom” make with the Mini Pocket Breads?

Delicious Shredded Cheese Melt


Shredded Cheese, any variety

Wholly Wholesome Classic White or Whole Wheat Pocket Bread

Fresh Sliced Tomatoes


Cut pocket bread in half and open pocket. Stuff shredded cheese in pocket along with the tomatoes. Place sandwich on a panini press or in a toaster oven for 7 minutes or until cheese is melted. Enjoy!

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*Company generously provided samples, images and recipe for this review.*

Snack happy (and healthy!) with these nutritious and delicious cold-pressed bars from Wings of Nature™. Each Certified USDA Organic bar is made without refined sugar, and is naturally sweetened instead with a combination of brown rice syrup and agave nectar. In addition, each Wings of Nature™ bar is trans-fat free , gluten-free, preservative-free, and cholesterol-free!

Made with eight all-natural ingredients, the bars are available in Cranberry, Coffee Espresso and Almond Raisin flavors, and provide just the right amount of chewy texture for any snack attack! Coffee lovers will especially find the Coffee Espresso Bar both rich & satisfying!

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*Company generously provided samples and images for this review.*

Those with a sweet tooth will appreciate Newman’s Own Organics new licorice twists, made with organic ingredients! Perfect as a stocking stuffer, these delightful twists are available in four tantalizing flavors, Black, Strawberry, Pomegranate and Tangerine.

Mom” could not believe how juicy and true-to-life Newman’s Own Organics licorice twists tasted! The three fruit twists just burst with flavor in the mouth, and are nothing like their non-organic counterparts. It will be hard for anyone to eat just one! Plus, the licorice twists are low in fat, sodium and cholesterol-free, and contain absolutely no trans-fats. This will definitely be the snack of choice this season (and beyond)!

Newman’s Own Organics licorice twists cost $2.99, and are available nationwide, as well as online at

An organic version of an old favorite from Newman’s Own Organics – Fig Newman’s™! The delicious fig bars you loved as a kid are now available in three organic varieties, including Low-Fat, Fat-Free, and Wheat-Free & Dairy-Free. This is the first natural fig bar that is made with organic figs, organic unbleached wheat flour, and organic sugar that contains absolutely no hydrogenated oils!

These are oh-so tasty and make a great afternoon snack for you and your little ones – paired with a glass of soymilk or organic milk, they are definitely going to be a hit!

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*Company generously provided samples & images for this review.*