Here’s a smart product for the whole family! Badger SPF30 Anti-Bug Sunscreen offers superior UVA-UVB Protection AND repels insects, naturally! As any parent knows, trying to put sunscreen on your child is daunting as they try to dash out the door to play, but add in bug repellent on top of that and it becomes an insurmountable task! Badger Balm offers families a perfect way to stay protected from the sun and ward off pesky insects and bugs in one simple step!

This eco-friendly, multi-purpose product contains chemical free Zinc Oxide mineral sunscreen and Deet-free non-toxic bug repellent, combined with Certified Organic ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil and beeswax for smooth application. To keep the bugs from biting, Badger uses organic Citronella, Cedar, Rosemary, Lemongrass, and Geranium essential oils. No nasty chemicals – just pure, natural ingredients. To purchase, visit to locate a store near you!

*Company provided a sample for this review.*