The scents of the season surround you when baking these delightful, cinnamon-dusted apples! Topped lovingly with Icelandic Provisions Plain Skyr and Apple Cinnamon Granola, this is a sweet treat that is nutritious and healthy!

Cinnamon Sugar Baked Apples With Granola, Skyr And Honey


4 apples, stems removed and cored (“Mom” prefers organic)

1/2 tbsp raw sugar

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 cup granola of choice (“Mom” prefers Viki’s Granola)

1/2 cup Icelandic Provisions Plain Skyr

Honey, to taste


Preheat the oven to 350˚F. Mix together the sugar and cinnamon. Add apples to a baking dish (rub dish with a little olive oil or coconut oil to prevent sticking) and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.

Bake for about 25 minutes. Let cool slightly, then fill with granola. Top with the Skyr and a drizzle of honey.

Serves 4.

*Recipe and image courtesy of Feed Feed.*

Mom” whipped up this fun, fast and deliciously healthy recipe with her little ones this past weekend! All it takes is a few minutes of prep time, and your kiddos will be able to create nutritious Mini FroYo Parfait Bites with minimal help!

Tiny Green Mom’s Mini FroYo Parfait Bites


3/4 cup Viki’s Granola

1 cup Organic Greek Yogurt (“Mom” prefers Stonyfield Farm)

Strawberries, diced

Blueberries, halved

FroYo 3


Line 2 mini muffin tins with liners.

Prepare work area for little ones, setting out the diced fruit, organic yogurt, and granola in separate containers within reach.

FroYo 2

Sprinkle 1 – 1/2 tsp. of granola on bottom of each muffin cup.

FroYo 4

Top with dollop of organic yogurt.

Place a small amount of fruit on top of yogurt, and once completed, place in freezer until frozen.

We found that the FroYo Bites needed to be set out on a plate for a few minutes before being eaten so they were a bit easier to eat.


*Recipe created by Tiny Green Mom. Viki’s Granola generously provided samples for recipe development.*

Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Create a deliciously healthy breakfast parfait as a sweet way to treat Mom when she wakes up in the morning!

Viki’s Granola Berry Parfait


6 ounces yogurt (“Mom” prefers Redwood Hill Farm)
¼ cup raspberries (“Mom” prefers organic)
½ cup Viki’s Original Granola


Place 2 ounces of yogurt in a tall glass.
Pour ⅓ cup of granola evenly on top of the yogurt.
Place 2 ounces of yogurt on top of the granola.
Add raspberries.
Add remaining 2 ounces of yogurt and granola on top.

Serve and enjoy!

*Recipe and image courtesy of Viki’s Granola.*

As you gear up for the holiday travel and road trips to Grandma’s, “Mom” has put together a list of her favorite nutritious snacks for on-the-go that pack well and are healthy, too! Keeping a cooler in your car filled with fresh water, cut-up fruit and organic milk boxes are a good idea, too!

Viki's Granola Banana Walnut

Viki’s Granola

Baked with love! Nutritious & delicious gluten-free granola made with 100% all natural ingredients and minimal added sugar. Great for topping yogurt or just snacking on right out of the bag, Viki’s Granola boasts a fresh, soft, chewy texture with ingredients you can pronounce and no artificial aftertaste. Available in five delicious flavor varieties, including Original Honey, Blueberry Almond and Maple Cranberry, Banana Walnut & Apple Cinnamon. All three are simply yummy! Sold at retailers nationwide and online at

Go Organically Fruit Snacks

When your little ones want a sweet treat, but you don’t want to give in to gas station candy, reach for a package of Go Organically Fruit Snacks! These perfectly packable little organic fruit snacks will keep both parents and kids happy, without an excess of sugar or processed ingredients! Go Organically® sources USDA certified organic fruit and other ingredients to offer three mouth-watering varieties: Fruit Medley, Mixed Berry and Tropical. “Mom” has been able to find these little snacks at Costco, which makes them both healthy and affordable! Visit their website for more retail locations nationwide.

Lifeway Kefir ProBugs - plain

Lifeway ProBugs

Little ones will love Lifeway ProBugs, which is tasty and nutritious organic kefir for kids, served in a fun, easy-to-hold pouch! Keep a cooler in your car for the long trip, filled with fresh water, fruit and these convenient, mess-free ProBugs pouches for a quick, healthy snack! Flavors include Pretty Plain, Goo Berry Pie, Orange Creamy Crawler, Kiwi Kale Critter, Sublime Slime Lime and Strawnana Split. “Mom’s” little ones love the Goo Berry Pie flavor! Visit the Lifeway website for a retail location near you.

Zbar Protein 3 Flavor fan

Clif Kid Zbar Protein

This protein bar is made just for kids, offering a tasty whole grain snack made with nutritious building blocks for kids’ growing bodies, especially when on-the-go! Made with organic whole grains, the bars contain no high fructose corn syrup, synthetic preservatives or artificial flavors. Available in three kid-pleasing flavors, including Peanut Butter Chocolate (“Mom’s” daughter’s favorite!), Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chip.

*Companies generously provided samples and images for this piece.*