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Five Tips For A Happier Holiday Season

In the midst of the holiday bustle, it’s easy to fall short on good eating habits. Heeding five hints, however, can help you celebrate a happy holiday season with family, friends and feeling good about yourself. 1. Focus on fun. Holidays…

Five Tricks for a Healthy Halloween

Five Tricks for a Healthy Halloween By Vanessa Chamberlin, author of The Fire-Driven Life Halloween is such a challenging time for health-conscious parents. Everywhere we turn, people are offering the least nutritious, most sugary food around:…

Feed A Bee, Feed the Planet

Apples, broccoli, cherries, almonds-they all have something in common that may surprise you. Besides the fact that they may be in your kitchen right now, each one of these foods is available thanks to the honey bee and other pollinators.…

The Best Recipe For A Great Grilling Season Is “Safety First”

Grilling is one of America’s favorite pastimes and a popular summer activity in backyards across the country. More than 60 percent of American households will cook kabobs, fresh vegetables, and of course meat on propane grills this summer,…

Tips For Empowering Your Daughters

Capable, strong and confident women are in the news with increasing frequency these days-from politicians and movie stars to women making strides in sports, business and the military. Parents are becoming more aware that helping their children—particularly…

Get Into The Swing Of Summer Safety

A few precautions can help your children enjoy warm weather fun in safety and good health. Known as “trauma season” among public health and medical professionals, summer is a time when serious injuries and unintentional deaths increase dramatically…

Get Your Outdoor Space In Shape Six Ways

Here’s the buzz when it comes to backyard fun: Before you plan those barbecues, pool parties and bonfires, you need to transform your outdoors into a great entertaining environment and stop insects from making themselves at home. To keep…

Ease Your Child’s Upset Stomach Or Stuffy Nose With These Gentle Remedies

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It’s not something any new parent wants to anticipate, but the reality is, infants and toddlers sometimes don’t feel well. Upset stomachs from gas and runny noses are common among youngsters and can happen at any time of the year. When children…

A ‘Berry’ Healthy Way To Help Your Heart

May is National Strawberry Month, and this little heart-shaped fruit can be a big help to your heart. According to research, strawberries may play an important role in helping to reduce the risk of heart disease. “Strawberries are at the…

Add Fiber to Your Diet - For Good Health

It may not be the first thing most people think about when it comes to looking fit and living healthfully, but dietary fiber can be good for just about every, well, fiber of your being. These facts may provide you with some food for thought…

Smart Snacking with Nutritious Avocados

Americans’ snacking is on the rise, with snacks making up about half of all eating occasions, according to a recent report from the Hartman Group. The good news is that snacking can be part of a healthy eating plan, as snacks can provide energy…

Five Tips to Encourage Family Volunteering

"Volunteering is a great way for families to spend time together. It can benefit a child's psychological, social and intellectual development and instill a lifetime of generosity," says Richard Peterson, vice president of education for Kiddie…

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