The Benefits of Greening Your Beauty Routine

There are literally thousands of things you can do to make your everyday beauty routine more environmentally friendly, but for many women, the problem is that there doesn’t appear to be any direct benefits to making major changes to their normal beauty routine.

If you fall into that category of women that hasn’t yet been convinced to make the switch to a more green lifestyle, it may be simply because you haven’t been shown just how much changing can be a good thing.

If you take the time to break down all of the benefits that come with greening your beauty routine, you may end up wondering why you haven’t already added at least a few environmentally-friendly changes into your daily schedule.

Although there are several other reasons to change that are equally important, the one aspect that will usually grab your attention is money.

You may think of being more green as buying organic products, which actually cost more than the alternative, but it’s much more than that. Instead of buying pre-made hair masks, why not make your own? A simple homemade mask will cost less than $1 in ingredients while a similar mask that comes in a package will easily be more than five times that amount.

Another idea if money is your motivational factor is to cut down on water use. If you’re spending twenty minutes in the shower, try cutting it down to fifteen. Over a year’s time, little changes like this really add up and come put a decent sum of money back in your pocket.

If you’re not willing to change for the sake of more money, than maybe your long term beauty has more importance to you. Looking for green and organic products or making them on your own has another big benefit. Many of the chemicals used in store-bought preparations are actually harmful, drying out your skin, damaging your hair, or even causing more serious problems with extended use.

In many cases, these products go for the quickest possible fix without thinking about the effects that may show up later down the road. In contrast, organic products made from only natural ingredients are looking at your beauty from a much longer perspective and are not looking to create just a quick fix.

Of course, if money and your long-term beauty are not enough to convince you to make the switch, your conscience may be. It’s no secret that natural resources are quickly depleting and now more than ever, each decision is more important to the environment. Taking a shorter shower or not supporting larger corporations that are not environmentally-friendly are just two of the ways that you can green your beauty routine and take an active role in the good fight. For many people, not doing the environmentally-friendly thing can weigh heavy on their shoulders and the guilt can be a big burden. By making the most of every decision and thinking about how it affects the environment, you can avoid this heavy feeling and make sure your conscience is as clean as your hair or face.

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