Passing the Test: How to Go Green at College

Most freshman college students have faced similar difficulties as they headed out the door–deciding what to pack and what to leave, buying the right supplies and textbooks, affording their bills, saying goodbye to friends, telling mom not to worry . . . . Now, in addition to these original obstacles, students need to leap another hurdle. Going green.

If you’re a new college student, or even one with several years under your belt, you’re probably wondering how to be both environmentally conscious and deal with an empty wallet. On a student’s budget, purchasing clothing made from organic clothing and shopping only at health food stores may seem far too expensive and thus impossible. However, many times we all fail to remember that going green isn’t merely keeping up with the trendy, expensive methods of reducing your carbon footprint. And in fact, sometimes the cheap and free ways of staying environmentally conscious can create better results.

Let’s go back to the basics: reduce, reuse, recycle. First, reduce. Buy less. Save yourself money and the environment at the same time. For example, buying another pair of shoes may increase your waste as well as support harmful factories.

Now, reuse. If you need those new shoes, consider a thrift store. You’ll reuse someone else’s waste, create your own unique style, and saving money all at once. Also, refuse both paper and plastic at the grocery store. Choose cloth. And don’t bother with wasting money on a trendy shopping bag. Look in your closet. What unused bags do you have sitting around that you could reuse as grocery bags?

Finally, recycle. One of the current trends is goods made from post-consumer recycled materials. While this practice is certainly profitable it’s also expensive. Keep in mind, no matter how much money you spend on these products, you haven’t shown yourself responsible if you aren’t recycling the products you already use.

In essence, true environmental conservation requires common sense. Implement a little practical application of some basic rules and you can both go green and pay your bills at the same time.

Californians are set to make history this summer when the legislature votes to ban plastic bags across the state. And 100 bag monsters are taking to the streets surrounding San Francisco’s Ghirardelli Square on Aug. 12 to make sure everyone is aware of what’s on the line. The monsters will march just two days before the California State Legislature votes on Aug. 14, and they’re calling on other likeminded plastic bag opponents to join them.

The citizen bag monsters – who will each be wearing 500 plastic bags representing the number of plastic bags a typical individual uses in one year – will be led by Andy Keller, an entrepreneur, passionate plastic bag ban supporter and the inventor of the bag monster costumes, which have been spotted at plastic bag ban rallies across the country.

Following the march and press conference that will be held at Ghirardelli Square on Aug. 12, Keller plans to set off on a national journey, invading 15 key cities that are considering implementing bag ban legislation. Clad as the bag monster and riding across country on a 3-wheeled Spyder motorcycle, Keller will host and participate in events in each city, including installation of a sea of 100 bag monster costumes taking up around 1,000 square feet of space.

Beginning at noon on Thursday, August 12, Keller will lead 100 bag monsters in a march beginning at Ghirardelli Square, winding through the Aquatic Park to Fisherman’s Warf and back up Larkin Street to Ghirardelli Square’s West Plaza for a press conference, which will begin at 1pm.

“Our goal during this march and press conference is to further the awareness of the tremendous impact that plastic bags have on the environment,” said Andy Keller. “San Francisco appreciates the importance of banning plastic bags and we are confident that residents will come out to support us while we’re at Ghirardelli Square — an iconic San Francisco landmark that has made significant strides with its green initiatives – on August 12.”

The press conference will involve supporting organizations including Environment California, Heal the Bay, Surfrider, Californians Against Waste, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Save the Bay, Ocean Health and Clean Water Action, as well as Californians who support the issue, and people who are visually intrigued by the sight of 100 bag monsters taking to the streets.

“Californians dispose of 19 billion plastic bags a year,” said Gina Goodhill, Oceans Advocate with Environment California. “And all of those bags don’t dissolve into the air or end up in landfills. Even worse, they land in the ocean, where many become part of the swirling mass of plastic garbage known as the Pacific Garbage patch, which is the size of Texas, a swirling vortex of plastic and other waste that persists in the ocean and in some patches now outweighs the plankton in the water by a ratio of 6:1.”

Keller and 99 other bag monsters hope that Californians – and the country – will take notice and step up to make a difference in their cities, even through actions as simple as using their own reusable bags and opting out of plastic.

Keller’s cross country crusade and Aug. 12 rally can be followed on his blog,

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