How to Make Salt Dough Ornaments

By Susan Lower

Do you worry about glass bulbs falling off the tree and breaking around pets and children? Are you constantly yelling at little Jonny “Don’t touch that!” as he sneaks up to the Christmas tree?

Not only are salt dough ornaments environmentally and kid-friendly, they’re a fun and inexpensive way to decorate your Christmas tree.

Follow this simple recipe to create your own salt dough ornaments:

What you’ll need

1 cup of fine salt

1 cup of flour

½ cup of water

Christmas Cookie Cutters

Rolling Pin

Plastic Straw




Mix salt, flour, and water in a large bowl. Knead until smooth and shape into a ball. Use some extra flour to sprinkle on a flat surface. Take small pieces of dough and spread out using a rolling pin. Your salt dough should be ¼” to ½” thick. Cut out shapes using cookie cutters.

Lightly grease or line a flat cookie sheet with wax paper. Place salt dough shapes onto the cookie sheet.

Using the end of a straw, poke a hole in the top of each ornament. You don’t want to position your hole too close to the top so your ornament doesn’t break when you hang it.

Bake at 250 degrees for 1 hour. Unlike cookies, you want your salt dough ornaments to be “hard as a rock” once they’re cool.

Place your baked ornaments on a cooling rack for about 30 minutes. After your ornaments are cool, paint any way you desire.

Cut lengths of ribbon and thread through each hole after your ornaments are dry. Tie ribbon ends in knot to make a loop. Your salt dough ornaments are now ready to hang. To give your ornaments a more country look, you can cut stripes of checkered fabric to make ties instead of ribbon.

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