Health Benefits of Staying Hydrated

It’s no secret that water is essential to our body; after all, we are comprised of about 60% water. That is why staying hydrated is something that every person should be aware of. Not drinking enough water could have some serious repercussions on your overall health. Even on the most basic level, our body needs water to function properly. Here are a few other health benefits of staying hydrated.

Helps Fight Illnesses

When you drink a lot of water, it improves your body’s ability to fight off illnesses because water is a part of your immune system and lymph fluid. Water also helps rid the body of certain toxins, making you feel overall healthier.

Improves Regulation of Body Temp

The human body has a very narrow temperature range at which it functions properly. If it gets too high, it could cause serious damage to the brain and other organs. It is even more essential to drink plenty of water if you are doing something in the hot sun or working out heavily, so you don’t get dehydrated. Also, your body helps cool itself down by perspiring, so you need to drink plenty of water to help replenish what your body just lost.

Increases Shock Absorbency

When your body is hydrated, there is a layer of water that surrounds and cushions your spine, joints, eyes, brain, etc. again shock. This extra layer of protection helps to keep those vital parts safe.

Good for the Skin

If you allow yourself to get too dehydrated, your skin will appear dry and be more prone to developing wrinkles. By staying hydrated, the suppleness of your skin will improve and become more elastic. It will also reduce your risk of developing dry skin complications such as dermatitis, cracks and infections.

Prevents Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can lead to bad breath and even cavities. By drinking a lot of water, your throat and lips won’t dry out, which will help prevent bad breath and cavities from taking homage in your mouth.

Promotes Heart Health

If you want to make life easier on you and your body, make sure to up your fluid intake. When you are dehydrated, your blood volume becomes lower. In order to pump the reduced amount of blood throughout the body, your heart must work harder. This makes daily activities like walking up the stairs or walking your dog more difficult. If your dehydration gets to be too much, visit your local health clinic immediately.

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