Were you aware that the we are celebrating Earth Day’s 4oth Anniversary this year? In 1970, 20 million Americans sprung into action to bring environmental issues to the forefront, creating Earth Day, and in the same year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was also born! Thus began a stream of regulatory mechanisms to protect our environment, such as the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. Hard to believe that only 40 years ago, a factory could dump toxic waste into a stream flowing nearby, and there were no legal ramifications for wreaking havoc on the ecosystem in the surrounding area. We’ve really come a long way in a short amount of time!

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day this year? Pledging to recycle more, and use less? Bringing your own cloth bags to the grocery store? Planting a vegetable garden this Spring?

For more illuminating facts on the history of Earth Day and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), visit Earth Day and EPA History.

The following is a guest post from bestselling author, Jamie Novak. Her newest book, Stop Throwing Money Away, is on shelves now!

In celebration of Earth Day, Jamie wanted to share with you the best tips that didn’t make it into her newest book, Stop Throwing Money Away, to turn clutter to cash, trash to treasure and save the planet while you’re at it!
Grab the five items below you probably already own and try these clever ways to reuse them to get more organized today:
Cardboard Paper Towel Insert
For kid’s artwork. Need a way to protect that noodle and glitter creation for years to come? Roll it and insert it into the tube. Put your child’s name and the year on the outside so you can remember who created what and when.
An Egg Carton
As a jewelry organizer. No more tangled necklaces or missing earrings. Use the egg carton to store commonly worn jewelry. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces will each have an individual section plus you can use the lid as the place to store watches.
For socks. Do you have a pile of unmatched socks? Most people do! Instead of trying to match socks after they’re laundered keep them together through the laundering process by clipping matches together as soon as you take them off using a clothespin.
CD Cases
For photos. If you adhere a magnet onto the back of a CD case you can then stick a photo inside and hang the ‘frame’ on the side of a filing cabinet or the front of the fridge.
In the medicine cabinet. Adhere a magnet to the inside of the medicine cabinet door or under one of the shelves. Then you can stick tweezers or clippers to the magnet so they are within reach.

Hopefully Jamie has inspired you to tackle a project! She hopes you will join her at the Bite Size Living Cafe where all sorts of great discussions are taking place!

A BIG thanks to Jamie, “The World’s Most Relatable Organizer”

BIG & BOLD – these roomy, stand-on-their-own bags are made from recycled materials and are meant to make the household task of sorting and separating items for recycling a breeze. With sturdy, reinforced handles for carrying, Kangaroom Recycle Bags are washable and can be used to hold everything from newspapers and cardboard to glass and lawn trimmings. They are big enough to make a great beach bag, too! They fold down easily for storage, and arrive packaged as a set of 2. Super affordable, priced at $12.99. Available online at KangaRoom Storage.

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A stainless steel water bottle has been transformed into a work of art! Check out this eco-fabulous line of drinking bottles that feature 6 fresh, new designs debuting just in time for Earth Day’s 4oth anniversary! Designed with non-toxic paints, choose from a variety of Ali Sabet’s prints, including I Heart U or Bunnies Like Flowers. U-TURN 2 TAP stainless steel water bottles boast a BPA-free sport cap, a stainless steel loop top, and are available in three sizes: 27 oz, 16oz and 12 oz. Perfect for the whole family!

“Conscious Containers and Ali Sabet share a mission for both environmental awareness and artistic development,” said founder and co-owner Jessica Mulligan. “Through this bottle line, we’re helping to reduce plastics in the landfill and showcase beautiful, urban-chic works of art.”

For more information on U-TURN 2 TAP, visit www.uturn2tap.com.

Awww – A Little Piece of My Art. The name just puts a smile on your face! Check out these gorgeous, handprinted pendants and bracelets made with love by Dawn Patini of A Little Piece of My Art. Printed on recycled stainless steel washers and placed on soft suede, Dawn’s pieces are eco-chic and so, so pretty – made to order for a special occasion. Whether it is your daughter’s first soccer game or your grandmother’s birthday, a necklace, bracelet or complete set can be made for the event. Reasonably priced, starting at $15 for a single pendant, these lovely gifts arrive in an organza gift bag within days of ordering. To purchase a custom piece, please contact Dawn directly at patini03@bellsouth.net.

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You have heard some of them before – bring your own reusable cloth bag & bag your own groceries, buy locally grown produce – but what about these super tips for going green at the grocery store?

1. When picking out your favorite fruits and veggies in the produce aisle, do you really need to bag each item individually? The bags most likely get tossed when you get home anyway! Bring a smaller cloth bag with you for separating produce or just place inside a basket set in your cart specifically for fruits and vegetables.

2. Choose items in glass, cardboard or recyclable containers – all items that can in turn, be recycled once used. Also, choose products that are packaged in post-consumer recycled materials if possible.

3. Buy fresh! Stick to the outer edges of the grocery aisle, for cheeses & dairy products, fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. These items are not wrapped in plastic inside a cardboard box – what you see is what you get! Minimal packaging, maximum flavor and freshness. Your body (and the Earth!) will thank you!

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A different twist on sending a “money gram” is the GreenGram™, featuring the world’s first ever recycled rubber ducky! Mr. Green™, as he is so aptly named, is completely made of 100% recycled materials. For a unique, eco-inspired gift, visit www.GreenGram.net, where you can send a Mr. Green™ rubber duck, a bar of luxurious Canard Vert™ handmade soap, and a personalized note on recycled paper. What a “green”-tastic gift for any occasion!

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Your little one will love having a water bottle sized just right for small hands! SIGG eco-friendly water bottles are available in a variety of kid-pleasing designs and colors. Made of pure aluminum, BPA-free and 100% recyclable, SIGG water bottles can easily be tucked into your child’s back pack or lunch box. www.mysigg.com

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