Mom” adores getting to know women entrepreneurs who have started their own unique, planet-friendly company! Future:Standard is no exception – Jessica Althoff, the founder behind this exciting new company launched in 2011, is a passion-driven woman! Her passion for the planet and deep respect for the world around us is evident in every choice she makes in not only her business, but her day-to-day life.

An Interview with Jessica Althoff, Founder of Future:Standard

Tell us about your eco-inspired company!

We are an online ethical clothing boutique that carries only items that are made with respect to the planet and the people making them. Everything is made using sustainable materials and practices, made in the US, Canada or in socially responsible factories. We also only carry things that we love and are excited about wearing.

How do you choose to go green in your own life?

I do my best to make the best environmental decisions all the time. I like to get my food from local sources when possible. I use a lot of chemical-free cleaners in my house (vinegar and baking soda are great). I try to be paper free, but if I must, I only print on the back of old mail or line sheets. I am converting all of my cosmetics to greener cosmetics (it is a process, and might take a while, but I am excited about my new things). I make buying decisions based on packaging all of the time. I am trying to start an herb garden, but while my lifestyle is green, my thumb is not, so we will see!

Guilty green pleasure?

Honestly, if it is green, I don’t feel guilty about it! But, I love all things lavender, so anything that smells like lavender. Also, I love skin care products, so I might go a little overboard there!

Can you offer any encouraging words for those with a small sustainable business?

Just do it and don’t worry about the things that you don’t know. You will never know everything, but it doesn’t matter (and it is scary). Either you’ll figure it out or someone will help you. People love helping small business owners, everyone has an opinion and an answer, you just have to ask. There is someone in your network that knows the answer somewhere. I send out a “does anyone know anyone who…..” email about once a week. I always get something great back.

*Image provided by Future:Standard.*