Furoshiki for Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

Furoshiki are simple Japanese cloths that are generally made of cotton, bamboo or silk crepe and come in a large variety of colours and sizes. Not only are they made durable for wrapping and carrying heavy objects but they are also a beautiful eco-friendly touch to replace wrapping paper or plastic wrap for the holidays.

Simplicity and Versatility

These simple cloths can be plain or have stunning patterns in the fabric. They are generally square shaped and have a wide range of special techniques for wrapping even the most awkward object, so that it’s completely concealed and easy to carry. From books, boxes, pair of wine bottles, clothing, toys or anything else that you plan on buying loved ones for the holidays, these cloths are the perfect solution for quick and professional looking gift wrapping.

The best part about using furoshiki for gift wrapping is the fact that they don’t require any adhesives or even pins to wrap objects, all that’s needed is a simple knot or two. This way, it’s easy to save on the cost of common holiday wrapping materials and even save time since the cloths only need to be folded over the objects being wrapped.

Ideal Gift for Men and Women

Furoshiki are also considered a unisex item that can be used over and over again. For men, there are many masculine colours and patterns that can be used as handkerchiefs, bandanas or even neckerchiefs. For women, there are many different tying techniques that offer a wide range of different bag styles from cute little handbags, shopping bags, cloth backpacks and more.

Over the years, furoshiki have become very popular eco-friendly items for many different uses as a means of saving less sustainable materials that are only used once like paper lunch bags, plastic shopping bags, wrapping paper or decorations for parties. They can be tied in any manner required, washed in regular laundry and used on a daily basis. To find furoshiki, they are available in a variety of specialty shops that carry Japanese fabrics, eco products shops online or there is always the option to make one at home using old fabrics from clothing or blankets.

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  1. Deborah
    Deborah says:

    Furoshiki wrapping is also amazingly fast – no cutting, taping, tying, cleaning up. Just place the item in the center of the cloth, fold two opposite corners over the top, then tie the opposite sides. Done! Lots of other tying ideas (including links and a video) on our website, http://www.luluwraps.com.

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