What You May Not Know about Beauty Brands that Aren’t Natural

Even though it might be easy to get caught up in cosmetics from popular beauty brands that seem like the perfect product to try, taking the time to investigate what each beauty item is made out of more importance. Women wonder why their skin is breaking out every day, but don’t realize that most brands use oil as their main ingredient for foundation and other products. Oil is a leading cause of breakouts on your skin, especially if you already have an oily complexion. So why would you want to invest in a beauty item that’s going to cause harm to your skin?

Natural Makeup is Water Based, not Oil Based

With natural makeup, most beauty items are water based and are overall better for your skin. Overall they work great for many different types of skin. Find a moisturizer that’s organic and made with essential ingredients that also provide your face with replenishing vitamins. Besides untreated makeup being made out of ingredients from the earth that keep your face and skin bright and beautiful, organic makeup also has other benefits:

Organic Makeup does not Test on Animals

Many of our furry friends are hidden away in cages where they are affected by not only animal testing, but cruelty. A vast majority of natural makeup companies do not support animal testing and if you look at the bottom of their website, you’ll find a cute bunny that comes from the site LeapingBunny.org. This means that the site is approved by Leaping Bunny and that they do not support animal testing. Even if a site does not have a bunny indicating they’re against animal testing, they still might be against animal testing regardless. Contact the site or research a bit about their company to find out more information.

Natural Makeup Costs Less Money

With natural makeup not only are you saving your skin, but you are also saving your wallet. Save up money and find the right skin care products that make your face feel revitalized. There are several different companies that have excellent products at a reasonable price. Plus they are happy to create foundation, blush, powder, and more designed with your skin in mind. Say goodbye to breakouts and say hello to all natural beauty products. Our furry friends will also thank you.

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